Simple & Striking Goth Makeup Tutorial | Toxic Tears

Hello Lovelies!~ This tutorial gives a really dramatic effect but its super simple and you only need a few things to do it! The lipstick I used here was “Witches” by Kat Von D, but if you don’t have that, try using my “Perfect Black Lips” tutorial! Enjoy!

Perfect Black Lips:

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Perfect Black Lips Tutorial:
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“Honey, if anyone knows when Halloween is, its me.”


FaeNicole says:

Oh Fur Elise distracted me so badly in the beginning. IT ruined that song for me…but you are stunning! Subbed.

Julie Chalmers says:

Thanks for the tutorial, helps when your starting out as a goth

Monique Shorten says:

This looks amazing!

oliilo says:

I cannot comprehend how gorgeous you are, oh my gosh

Marissa Motionless says:

wooow….that didn’t look that complicated…

Ramona Åkerman says:

it look beautiful in you. I tried but i have very deep eyes and not to much space between the eyes and the eyebrows so it looked very weird

Sofia Reusche says:

I love her contacts so much does anyone know where she got them?

CoCo Natalya says:

And btw I LOVE! ❤️ ur channel I’m a subscriber u honestly make my day love u ❤️

Destiny With An A says:

Omg your eyes are sooo nice like fit af

tiffanyctcd says:

Just found your channel and love it! The makeup is fabulous and the contacts give such an incredible look.

Kassidy Tucker says:

+ Toxic Tears
so, I have a question. my tear ducts are kind of hooded by the excess skin of my nose so it makes redrawing tear ducts a nightmare. I try to redraw them but they get covered up and when I try to extend them over the hood, they look super weird. do you have any tips on how to redraw them without my eyes looking weird?

Sadie Ward says:

I’m not goth but I LOVE this look on you, especially the fake lashes and the contacts:)

Luna Bella says:

So beautiful

CoCo Natalya says:

Loved it!

Lost Soul says:

Where do you get your fake lashes from?

Lexi Lithium says:

I find your make-up and hair and overall appearance to be very lovely. I’d like to know how you are so fair skinned ? any certain tips ? I envy it.

Sylvia McCleary says:

I am in love with your shirt or dress. Please tell me where you got it? It is amazing

Hadiya Lewis says:

thank you I do this almost everyday !

ciarra del rey says:

Fur Elise in the beginning yes !!1!

Katja FW says:

Her hands are so steady it feels like she could be a surgeon…

Gothika Vampira says:

where did you get those lashes??

Gimmy Rains says:

How do you do your eyebrows? Will you do a tutorial on them from shaving to drawing them on? <3 you!

Batbecca Wayne says:

You are my roll model

Bethan Simmons says:

I tried this look and I love it, I didn’t use fake eye lashes and also had no white or pale foundation so just didn’t wear any which made me pale any ways. 🙂 x

blueberry154 says:

best site to buy prescription colored contacts, or black/white “marilyn manson” contacts?

Mollie Traylor says:

You must go through shit loads of eyeliner… Worth it though

H. A.z says:


Unknown Name says:

March 23….
*smudges eyeliner*

No Hope For Humanity says:

I have an extremely shaky hand. Do you have any tips on how to make your hands more steady?

Edwin Mariano says:

I Like It

xZoex _xIsdeadx says:

Love your contacts!

Gothic Dark Photography/Gothic Artistry says:

Great makeup 🙂

annikoehlercarter says:

what’s the name of the song?

Angie ormiston says:

i could listen to you speak for days

lily reid says:

you are so beautiful

lockudlad says:

You really care about how you look and that shows in the time you take to look fantastic. Just starting to find more of your vids, blogs, vlogs (not sure of which is what) but They’re good to watch and always leave me feeling a little more positive about my life and my outlooks. :o)

The Dutch Snowy Gothika says:

B E A utiful!!! xoxoxo.

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