Science Makeup Tutorial (PARODY)

Use this tutorial to learn about the history and science of makeup!
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Written by Rachel Salt

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Youknow Idontknow says:

Hes better at eyeliner than me

Sharon Jose says:

” to make my eyes POP”

mahak gupta says:

I got scared when I first saw greg with makeup lol

Trisha Fulkrod Fulkrod says:

my mom asked me if I had a date.

Molilata MC says:

“And making my eyes PAWP”

Melody's DJ Box says:

this is weird…..

CJ Dangerfield says:

I hate how he’s so much more put together than I am. His nail polish MATCH his shirt!!!!!!!!

Mary Tisdell says:

2:07 “I’m going to put on a couple of coats of lash-extending mascara” *opens up bottle of brow gel*

Aero yr Hwrdd says:

Thanks for this and your science video, guys. scaremongering all over the internet but not many science channels tackling the complexity. As someone who suffers both with anxiety and also have a ridiculously resilient sceptic brain, my mind gets tormented as the two spar. I am interested in makeup and on my way to a chemistry degree. My goal is to produce a makeup brand that doesn’t just give people a faux feel good by using emotive words and appeal to nature fallacy. I want to make a brand in which I can use to give chemistry a platform; Explain toxicity is in levels not absolutes; Let people understand what is blown out of proportion and what has been badly conveyed via media. The joy of chemistry and the complexity is fascinating. I’m hoping to be able to get to my uni soon but I have a few things to settle before I can. I would be honoured to at some point collaborate with you once I’m in a confident place.

Isabel Norton says:

Where was mich?

Gwen Wheeler says:

how are your nails so perfect

Stephanie Eaton says:

My only complaint about this video is that it wasn’t long enough! There is so much potential here! I would have easily watched a half hour to an hour of this LOL Thank you!

Flea Sweet says:

I wish I could have a friend like you

Maro Ingle says:

ur mlg

Xolzis FoxieArts!eLiLyDragon says:

*when you have no idea what he’s saying but you pretend you do to seem smart*

ColorCloud07 says:

It is true he is very feminine but if he weren’t then he wouldn’t be Greg

Gizmo Studios says:

lol I am rolling because of laughter

Maria Vlad says:


AashiquiDevi says:

Best makeup tutorial. nuff said

Joe Bloney says:

Any one watching in 2018?

Spotted Purple says:

You’re so cute! Thank you!

The Ad Archive says:


sam says:


RoseGold_ Kitty says:

If school taught us like this, I would have an A in all of my classes!

Emma Baker says:

That look is SOO last year – 2017

Sjekira Lady says:

thx to him I now know what not to do to my clients when i became a profesional make up aplier
im acualy serius im learning how to be a beautician

Baguette Gott says:

…why is he better at this than me?

Laryssa Sweetland says:

On his lashes dkm

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