RuPaul’s Drag Race | RuVealing Trixie Mattel’s Bubble Gum Fantasy Makeup Tutorial | Logo

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 7 favorite Trixie Mattel channels 90’s holiday glamour doll meets heatherette runway for this fabulous makeup tutorial.


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Kaylynn Bowley says:

The the, the realness

Paputsza says:

Without makeup he comes off as a guy as a guy who’s probably a bronie.

Anna Thomas-Cousins says:


Jeannette W says:

A show where you give a makeup tute, then break out an auto-harp cover of Townes Van Zandt. But in drag. I’d LIVE, then die and go into outer space or some shit like real atheists do.

Anna Thomas-Cousins says:

I love how much she loves her work and her makeup skills it slays

Bridget Bonner says:

This is a challenge comment what your phone auto corrects Trixie Mattel To my phone says trioxide Matter

Erica Renee says:

love the humor and attitude !!!

mari 6661 says:


Cammy marie says:

Wearing this to school tomorrow


Seriously ❤️ I need a wig and outfit that I can pull this off for fun. So much respect to how much work goes into drag.

Violet Jade S. says:

such an artist. omg!

Sujata says:

What the fuck I can’t even get one pair of lashes to stay on for 5 hours but she wears 6 PAIRS all day like its no big deal

Kelvin Hong says:

Can we appreciate as of now Trixie has the highest number of views of RuVealing Makeup Tutorial of any Drag Race Alumni with 1.6M beating Raja, Detox, Alaska etc. yass gawddd werk Tracy Martel

hanouf s. says:

im SHAKING i need to wash her face

Makeup By Rockwell says:

Oh. The nostalgia- back when Trixie actually blended.

Althea ToldMe says:

Hey does anyone know the dolls with lines on their faces from the 60s he was referring to as the inspiration for his contour? I’d love to see pictures of that!

Tomi R says:

He’s hot with no makeup

Jack Buddy says:

“Yeeeesssss gawd I’m amazing!!!” LOL

Sean Borja says:

I love you trixie you’re so hottttt ❤❤❤❤

GayAlienPrince says:

I fucking love Trixie Mattel!!♡♡

Jeff the insane says:

I love this channel already

dannydevitosegg says:

@trixie Martel is the stewie griffin of drag queebls

Maddie Etzel says:

She looks like Ricky Dillon out of drag

Liam Canney says:

What did she mean by “Sunday brunch in Provincetown?” Is that a reference to something? Are people in Provincetown known for being psychopaths? I’m lost

Mich elle says:

“dress to impress slash disappoint” jfc

lloydy woydy says:

the nose contour doesn’t make your nose look small it just draws more attention to how big your nose is

Alaina Marie says:

“I know it looks crazy right now, but it wont” No you really just arent good at makeup…..

Jordan Potter says:

Trixie and Katya are one of the most iconic drag duos

Martin Ng says:

How many cream base liner does she use per year

Hey It's Blair_is_Life says:

Although nobody got anywhere by looking like everyone else Tyra won season 2

Jas Vila says:

I’m confused, why does she go by Trixie Mattel and sometimes Tracy Martel??

Karen Reta says:

Why hasn’t Katya done one of these?

Isabel Roth says:

“Because I’m trixie martel”

Cameron Suggs says:

I watch both of her tutorials all the time and although I know what happens i never get bored and always laugh at the same self deprecating jokes.

Troy P says:

This takes too long which means I’ll never do drag. I’m far too lazy.

Yasmine Franqui says:

i need katya to do one of these



Bailey Edwards says:

The thought of putting contacts in AFTER eye makeup makes me want to cry

Jordan Potter says:

OH LOOK ITS TRACEY MARTEL (detox fans will understand)

#PaNdAs Lol says:

to much makeup

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