Rose Gold Hair Tutorial

Guy Tang #Mydentity Hair Color is finally here my #Hairbesties. I love the Rose Gold hair color I gave Hannah. No more guessing game on your Rose Gold Formula because it’s pre-blended. Do you like Hannah’s new hair color? Comment below.

Get your Guy Tang #Mydentity Rose Gold Colors online: or or CosmoProf App

It will be available in STORES March 1 at CosmoProf (US, Canada) and through your CosmoProf Sales Rep

International Launch very very very soon!

Hair Color Formula:
Formula 1: #Big9 Crème Lightener mixed 1:1 with Permanent Developer 20V to pre-lighten with Olaplex

Formula 2: Demi-Permanent 7RG (58 g) mixed 1:2 with Demi-Permanent Developer 6V + Dual Booster COLOR MAX Pink Glow (4 grams) at the rootage

Formula 3: Demi-Permanent 7RG (58 g) & Demi-Permanent 9RG (58 g) mixed 1:2 with Demi-Permanent Developer 6V

Formula 4: Demi-Permanent 9RG (58 g) mixed 1:2 with Demi-Permanent Developer 6V

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Model Hannah Linderman:

Make-up Artist: Jasmine Dashtizad


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Scarlett Bastin says:

God I wish he would do my hair, I’ve been getting my hair dyed and treated for several years and almost always I have a bad result. I never truly get what I want. He should have a salon where people can just pay to get their hair done by him.

eve courson says:

Perfect rose gold! Love it

Ray Andari says:

Hiii, I’m asian,, I want to color my hair, but I don’t know the right color for my hair, because I have to adjust my skin color too ..

Fangirl FiftySix ™ says:


Amy Galvin says:

This is a very wearable rosegold.Even with even more of the pink glow added! Impressed.

Aina Abid says:

I wanted some some suggestions because I love this hair colour but I’m concerned if it will look on my skin colour which brown I’m Pakistani. Do you guys have any suggestion for brown people who want to try colours like these. I would love the help.☺

Miranda Morgan says:

So beautiful!!

Noelia Jaime says:

Just beautiful.

Braigwen says:

I want this hair color. My hair used to be close to this when I was a little girl. Now it’s mahogany. I hate it so much!

Vicky Traversa says:

Gorjus i so want

Wolfkins1972 says:

Beautiful color :0)

kihyun is LIFEUUU wogen says:

she’s pretty

Margarita Roman says:

Estoy en mexico alguien me puede decir como pido cada uno de los tonos de tinte que le puso porfa!

daniela says:

the second color u used mixing a level 7 and 9 to make a level 8, exactly what colors are they in the mydentity line? <3

Lo :) says:

Oh God, I need to show this to my hairstylist…

Amira Locké says:

Damn I want my hair done by him :O

Nabeeha Essam says:

OMG I want

Nosimad says:

does she look kinda like Blair Waldorf from gossip girl if she had brown hair?

LeeAnn Springer says:

Would this color wash out in the shower ?

Kla Beatrice says:

One day when i have money, ill travel to where guy tang is and have him do my hair. I wont rest till this happens.

Lesley Monaghan says:

Dear Guy,
I live in Johannesburg and was wondering if you have had any enquiries from this wonderful country.
I’ve been seeking as a client not a professional for at least ten years for a Rose Gold and now seeing this wonderful colour produced by yourself,

I’m desperate to find a salon in South Africa that is using you brand.
If we are just a tad behind then might I suggest your company contacts either Terenzo or Carlton Hair of which the latter did have a salon in
Mission Viejo Mall and they are a South African company.
I await in anticipation,
Thankyou for taking the time,
Yours sincerely,
Lesley Monaghan

Miia Hatunen says:

Please do my hair. <3

Noelia Jaime says:

I’m 45 and been doing stuff with my hair since i was 16 and you are,without a doubt the best colorist i have seen.Wish you lived close! ♥

Amy Galvin says:

Trying it tomorrow!!!!

Summer Valentine Nagtalon says:

Wow shes very pretty

Baecon Chim-Chim says:

I would like to have that hair colour <3

Ana Luiza says:

Brasil here!

Kay F. says:

I feel like Guy Tang’s videos should be in those YouTube compilations titled, “Most Satisfying Video In The World” lol

Loraine Davis says:

Beautiful work!

Baecon Chim-Chim says:

OMG this colour is perfect <3

Nabeeha Essam says:

She’s so pretty


Please do my hair! You are a true artist!

safa boussema says:

is it wearable on a dark hair or I have to bleach it first ??

evelyns lifestyle says:

I definitely now wanna die my hair this color now!

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