Reversed Zipper Face Halloween Makeup Tutorial

This time we flip things around with another super easy Halloween idea. The Reversed Zipper Face Halloween Makeup Tutorial lets you play with your imagination as you have a huge canvas on your face to create all kinds of awesome stuff on. A green slimy alien, a blue Avatar character, a bear, a bunny, yeah you name it. And still your beautiful face can be visible through the zipper. It may be a cheesy classic, but make it your own with your choice of colours and decorations.

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LegoKIDStv says:

can i have a shout out i do lego videos and how tos!! Just started though

pop a pic says:

minnie mouse please

Un/socially Awkward says:

if I try to do this and show my friends, some of them would be scared and most of them would make dirty jokes about it so its a bad idea to show this to dirty minded people

Test Galaxytab3 says:

What is the name of this young man here.

My stupid life says:

do somethink like a monster alien or a sandmonster

Meli _CvC says:


Disney65Fan says:


Ann Daniels says:

Hej jag bor i Malmö

Bug Fair says:

# craaaaazy

Lady Beaulieu says:

I absolutely LOVE this channel and the videos, but I can not stand when max sings in the intro lmao

Amber Skilling says:

can you do a punk rocker

Gms1301 says:

It would look MUCH better if the zipper faded from Skin and does not just look like you threw on a mask…which it looks like, which makes your look much less impressive. The makeup underneath is pretty basic as well, don’t see much skill besides using a sponge and a bunch of different colors because there is no consistency….

Queen Nix says:

New here, it’s great? Have you done Doctor Satan from Rob Zombie’s “House of 1000 Corpses”? That’d be epic!!

pop a pic says: $100 t shirt giveaway

xXBowsXx says:

Will it give close to the same effect if you only use a zipper, paint, and tape?

ApertureScience says:

The best thing is, you can make this EVERYTHING, not just a gore look. Like an entirely different face in our outside of the zipper.

Shane Semler says:

Only problem with mustard, you smell like mustard all night. xD

Melissa Richard says:

Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a clown from the movie Killer Clowns From Outerspace??!!! PLEASE!!!

Anthoula Kantimiris - Karamariti says:

what if im not able to find latex. what else can i use??

FoxTrot Gamez says:

I love Ellie’s hair so much. She is so talented!

Gas-E- Day says:

What can you use instead of skin tapr

Katie Dunwell says:

you remind me of jarppi from the dudesons

Emma Philosophie says:


xXBowsXx says:

Easy breezy beautiful sipper girl!

Daniel Ramirez says:

ima do this for Halloween

Emily Witting Jakhammer says:

Kan ni göra “jeff The killer”??

Taif A says:

I love you guys’s videos <3 it'll also be awesome if Ellie has a make up channel she always looks on point <3

Katy Lou says:

Yeah ikr

Darlen Stafford says:

in little big chunks lol

Georgia Nathan says:

Can you do a sfx makeup off a game called legacy of discord please??? There are 3 characters and it would be so cool if you would do this and it would be super cool if you guys give me a shoutout??? I love you guys sooooo much!! Bye

Sarah Couszins says:

can you please do chucky x

Tanya Victor says:

How can I get a shout out??

MonotoxBoomy14 Channel says:

Zip it up

Cheyla Sutton says:

YAY!!! Pigeon_pie!! I totally love her 8)

Its me Princess says:

I have a really important question…can you eat and drink with it

therealdeadpen says:

At the beginning is she blinking or winking?

Максим Подгорный says:

Русские тут присутствуют?

Amber Skilling says:

can you do a punk rocker

burnt sweet potato I did 911 says:

what if the face was un zipping and you would paint you real face like a demon so I would look like a demon is coming out oc you

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