Prom Makeup Tutorial

Prom makeup does not have to be frustrating! Do your entire face easy in under 20 minutes with this natural prom makeup look! Feel free to change up the lips to your liking and change the makeup color on your eyes accordingly to match your blue eyes or brown eyes. Hope you enjoyed this makeup tutorial! Remember you are a beauty and thank you for getting ready with me.
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Mariana Cruz says:

What r those

Katherine Li says:

I live in Illinois! But now it’s much warmer and sunny

Katie butler says:

I live in Ireland .. If we get 20 degrees it’s like Spain

Emma Bigelow says:

I tried to reply to ur comment but my phone glitched so I had to write a new one 😉

Julian Navar says:

U look so pretty even w/ out makeup

makeup mania by ria says:

I think Chelsea have become fatt and fat and fat and fat sorry if u mind

Pb& Jelly says:

Honestly looks better without makeup

Anthonny Medina says:

My name is chelsea too

Samantha Grace says:

I love this. I’m still stuck on making a decision for hair and makeup for my senior prom. I might consider this though because so far it’s been so hard to decide.

Annamarie Wagner says:

Your gorgeous!!

Rebecca Ward says:

What did you use to line your waterline?

Joshua Fierce says:

i suscribed to you can you suscribe to me

saint leila says:

I miss beautyliciousinsider…

jessicasglamcorner says:

Nice video, I made a prom makeup video too ! Make sure to come check it out it would be sweet xoxo

Mariana Cruz says:

Basic n ugly

Ross Perez says:


ann. a says:

how old are u

Brooklyn Mcknight says:

that is a really great look

Katelyn Kirkland says:

Love you Chelsea you are so gorgeous and I have been watching your videos for almost 4 years now!! You were my first favorite youtuber and I think your an awesome Christian! ❤️

Anthonny Medina says:

My name is chelsea too

Chelaine VDW says:

hi, chelsea I your armpits are so clear! I wanted to know if you could do a video explaining how you whiten them etc.

Picture Perfect says:

You should do I meet and greet where you live … I live in the same town where you live

Zoe Foster says:

Using this look  any chance I get

lovely kaur says:

such a beauty!!! chelsea :*

Travismcd-utubething says:

Id nail

Ellie Panda says:

Did you say your freezing in 30 degrees ???

Raven Simone says:

I think you lost so much weight

Χαρα Λιατσου says:

why from so much views now she has so little

Sahana M says:


Emma Bigelow says:

+Chelsea Crockett
Oh haha I’m actually in middle school! And homeschooled 😉 But I love watching makeup tutorials! 😉 and urs are the best. I was actually wondering if you would pray for me? I’m going thru some girl drama currently ;P so yeah. Thanks, and I appreciate it! Love ur channel! 😉 so hard to find a Christian Youtuber! 😉 ❤️

EdnaBlossoms says:

Cute and simple! I made a prom look as well!

HiHoCookie says:

I subscribed to this channel a while back, and then unsubscribed to everyone for some reason, then, I subscribed back to some people. I found rclbeauty101 and it reminded me of this channel. I couldn’t remember the name but I was determined to find it because I LOVE your videos, so, I went through my entire email notifications until I got to your channel. It took me so long

Stela B. says:

Your so awesome I luv ya! <3

Leslie López says:

Cough cough. Its like 80° in Florida

Grace Eunhae An says:

hey chels! can u list the products below? u look gr10 <3

Candidly Carol says:

You are so cute gosh

Loving Gymnastics says:

Omg we live in the same state omg i live in the same state as a famous YouTuber omg

Emma Bigelow says:

Awesome!! Thanks Chelsea ❤️❤️

cubs203 says:

Can i has your phone number?

Shakira Jaggasar says:


Gisselle Susana says:

Chelsea! Are you going to be at Beautycon Dallas this year?

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