Photoshopping Real Women Into Cover Models

We asked four women to participate in a Photoshop experiment. Their reactions to the results will surprise you.
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Huge thanks to Andronica Marquis, Sierra Santana, Kate Reynolds, and Ella Mielniczenko.

Sierra Santana — Instagram: vivalasantana Twitter: @sierrasantana

Andronica Marquis —

Original photos by Emily Berl —


Paulina C says:

why not just women instead of REAL women

Katie Waity says:

If my boyfriend tells me I’m not hot and points out girls he thinks are hot (btw those girls he points out look normal/average), does that make him honest or just mean?

Angelica Kennedy says:

everybody listen your beautiful in your own way inside and out don’t try to look like someone else because your imperfections are what make you beautiful and it makes you who you are and be confident in your self the world wouldn’t be the same if everybody looked and acted the same and just remember god created you like that because he nose what beautiful looks like so don’t change how look and if anybody sees this message try to a day without makeup and you still will gorgeous I promise you

Aliya Kensler says:

They should’ve left them the way they were. This is just building their insecurities.

Wan Rechee Fred says:

Yeah, keep talking…

Natalie Lake says:

I know feel better about myself
Got my self-esteem back

Aaliyah Alexander says:

Did the photoshop person whitewash the curly haired lady? I’m genuinely asking.

Gracie Jackson says:

all those ladies are beautiful just the way they are

Tatiana Sierra says:

Why did the people who photoshopped that pictures make their skin lighter?

Morgan Scherr says:

When I saw the Photoshop version I said ew because it’s not them it’s not anyone because no one’s going to ever be that perfect even if that was perfect and that’s disgusting do you think that’s perfect when it’s a natural it’s disgusting in my opinion you’re beautiful I’m beautiful you’re beautiful why would anyone do that I mean if it’s to make one difference I don’t see the problem or something that’s fine but to go that far it’s disappointing

Love Alisha says:

Who is the dark short haired girl and I love the girl with the curly frizzy hair in the green top

Grammar Nazi says:

Everyone is discussing the harsh truth of the ideal look.. and I’m here like “Damn, those are some good Photoshop skills”

Green Apple says:

The title makes it sound like models aren’t real people wtf

Arion Shayanne says:

Everyone is talking about some deep things like how it’s okay to be critical about how you look but I’m here on my phone using a decoration option drawing mustaches in my pics ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

zoha asim says:

Perfect People are not Real People, Real People are not Perfect People

Leo Jakobsen says:

Meaningful lab still large pile activity immigration us.

Erica Kapoor says:

1:32 totally agree.

Miami Delgado says:

But Ella is gorgeous!

Snai Richz says:

models are real women….they may not have realistic body types..but they are real women..

x Yanpuppet x says:

Man, this really touched my heart.. I cried.. I don’t usually cry with videos..

Amy Castles says:

I believe this is to make you feel better about yourself but this video literally made me think about it more and feel worse screw my life

avery neal says:

like they weren’t beautiful before??

Michele Baaij says:

welcome to the life of a model..

DrawmaQueen Studios says:

They are all so naturally gorgeous 🙂

Sarah Joy says:

great video!!
I think it would be hard for me to see myself that photoshopped!

Meha Srivastav says:

yes 😐

Robert Dore says:

And the moral of the story is ….. take care of your body.

tb saga says:

I thought the women from the thumbnail was vanessa aka anactressatheart

Mia Zimmermann says:

String around government evident neither differently stone

flyingunicornsalltheway 15 says:

so models aren’t real women? gtfo. Just cause a girl is skinny and attractive doesn’t make them any less “realer” than the girl in this video. Thats some flawed buzzfeed knowledge right there

Rem VLOGS says:

I’ve been bullied about my looks, because I was way to skinny. Everyone said that I had to be perfect. They aren’t even perfect. Imperfections make us who we are and what we are. Imagine everyone being perfect in life. One summer, I got so many freckles. I wanted to get rid of them. So I photoshopped myself to not have them. Looking back at that, I notice that without all the details that you have you aren’t you. You have to accept yourself for who you are, and not what you want to be. When you see inperfections, celebrate it. Honor your similarities and celebrate our differences. Accept yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Duststormon says:

flaws don’t make you beautiful they make you flawed

sofia's world says:

tbh these people are kinda dramatic like they don’t rly look that different in the pictures lmao

Theo says:

i hate how happy they are to see the photos and then how sad they are when they get the crazy photoshoped versions of the photos

Ella Board says:

whats the point of makeup if they are just going to photoshop

Kawaiipuppies 234 says:

I liked them all before the photoshopping

Avalon Green says:

They all looked original and gorgeous before being photoshopped

Cupcake For you says:

you should be you self

Omar Sp says:

Oh my god guys! Turns out models aren’t real women!! They’re actually platypuses in disguise!! We’ve been lied to.

Dylan Rose says:

“real women”

Urszula Okopińska says:

… just another kumbaya video for women

Missy Kilpatrick says:

What I find ridiculous is that people tell you oh you need a tan and then later in life tell you oh you need to be more pale and they make that the standard

Abigail Gee says:

Sierra (the super curly hair girl) is actually already a model or at least became after this video was made

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