This is the most HIGHLY requested video, so here you guys go! If you don’t know who we are, we’re Niki and Gabi– twins but completely opposite in our make up and styles! Niki is the edgy twin, Gabi is the girly twin. In this you learn how to do Niki’s infamous smokey eye, and gab’s notorious girly glam make up look! You guys have been dying to know our make up routines, and have been asking for a make up tutorial on our looks, so we put them all in one 15 minute long video for you guys!!

We did a similar video where we transformed ourselves into eachother! You can watch our Hilarious Twin Style Swap video HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE5goF_EP8I

If you see this, comment below “They’re so opposite OMG”
shhh our secret for those who read this 😉



We’re Niki and Gabi! We’re twin sisters who are totally different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like lifestyle, comedy skits, DIYS, music, singing, fashion, beauty, and more!

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Samantha H says:

nikis lips look crazy

Deanna says:

Niki what song is that cool beat

Caroline Baldovin says:

what eye liner does Gabi use???

Rylie Kuhn says:

Niki is extremely tan compared to me like I am paler than Gabi’s hair no joke

taylor bridges says:

Did niki get lip fillers? They poppin in this video!!!

Italia Guerrero-Boyd says:

do a morning routine and a night routine

Ellen Breckon says:

i cant believe niki said she was pale, i look like a ghost i would die to be as tanned as her!

Chloe Brandon says:

You guys should do another celebrities video

wendyy 00422 says:

Niki you makeup is a messed

Sabrina Al-Najim says:

They are SO opposite OMG!!

Diana Nolasco says:

I love Gabi’s makeup

Gervi Xoxo says:

niki looks like a ghost like omg panda looking

Lalima Thotakura says:

theyre sooo tired

Grace Brewer says:

Question (don’t hate on me for this but…): Did Niki POSSIBLY get lip injections because I was watching their old videos and her top lip wasn’t sticking out like it does now.

MsTeshin says:

I’m really excited that there were both high end and affordable products. I wasn’t watching a tutorial where I can’t afford any of the products. Kudos.

brianna says:

Everyone’s complaining about how Niki’s was longer and Gabi’s was short. But Gabi already does these type of videos on her vlogs. But I actually liked Gabi’s since she talked but it was also quick.

Bren Williams says:

Nikis eye makeup looks black with those big eyelashes

Hanna Bhatt says:

theyre so opposite, OMG


Did anyone actually notice that Niki’s lips look much more plumped as if she got her lips done …???

vicky king says:

do gummy vs real food

Brianna Aparicio says:

There so opposite OMG

Kaitlin Phillips says:

can you do another closet tour

karissa robledo says:

did niki get lip injections?

Kaylin says:

Niki had more eye makeup and stuff while Gabi didn’t that’s why Niki took longer. And besides, they both look beautiful, so why does it matter who took longer? Some people just don’t take as long with makeup. When I do wear makeup, it takes me like 5ish minutes..

Caitlin Malbon says:

I thought when I tapped on this video they swapped make up looks xx

Louise x says:

I feel like niki had gotten her lips plumped. They’re still small but more plump. Kind of like what Kendall Jenner did

nick jones says:

I hate when people write there names like “Gabby” and “Nicky” like you clearly can see on their channel it’s “Niki” and “Gabi” like let’s not be stupid or in y’all case “stoopid”

Sweet Mouse Glam says:

I have bin subscribed for SOOOOOOOOO long and I did not know they were twins #what?

Kelly Soumele says:

Can you make a quiz, so we can find out witch twin we are.

Charlotte Miranda says:

Y is everyone talking about hate I see no hate comments

Avery Morrow says:

When Nikki put her lashes on the whole look came together!!!!

smoshwatcher100 says:

What eyelash glue do you use niki?

Hetvi Patel says:

I aspire to become this good at makeup

Briony Hird says:

I love Gabi’s makeup!!

Robeena Khan says:

u both are sooo pretty

Sarah Obaid says:

I like how Nikki’s so relatable

April Artemis says:

Niki’s makeup is freaking mask

Vanessa Clay says:

I turned 12 this year and I have become really interested in makeup it’s just art that is not permanent and there is so many different styles for every different personality thank you two for letting me see new styles I love how you guys do what your subscribers want thank you have a wonderful day!

Anika Kleynhans says:

niki I love your makap

Jessica says:

Both makeup look amazing but both of them look beautiful without makeup.

Esther Weiss says:

more of these yess

Amaya Rodriguez says:

Is it just me or has Niki’s voice changed

Alanna Foley says:

makeup storage tour

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