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As we all know the fashionable 2 year old North West (Daughter of Kim Kardashian) slayed all of us when paparazzi caught her rocking a fur jackets, 2 braids and diamond chokers. This hair and wardrobe is north west inspired. But I decided to pair dramatic makeup that I personally love to go with the outfit.

All products are listed in video.
I tried to do a voice over but My mic is not a good microphone. (Im investing a better one :p )

This look was all for fun. Please no negative comments! You will be blocked and deleted.

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Demeryia d beasley says:

i just started watching your videos and i LOVE THEM……………………. KEEP DOING YOUR THANG

nicole hutchinson says:

What’s the name to the song

Lexi T says:


2hott4miamore says:

Everybody in the comments sounds dumb because they didn’t read the description box lol

the moon emoji says:

she’s two years old

Abby Smith says:

That lip liner/lipstick duo was not a good idea lmao

Melissa a says:

I thought the headband choker so smart and cute! Beautiful look too!

lolote says:

NORTH IS 2 YEARS ! So stupid

Min Sky says:

Who’s here from tumblr lmao

Anoosha .H says:

This is so pointless lmao and no, don’t tell me to read the description because I already did and I still think this is some corny head-assery

Angel Malloy says:

Read the description before you comment people lol.
Great video Aaliyah!

Cierra Shirley says:

how can you do your makeup like a baby that wears no makeup?

Karmit Da Fruge says:

Really over a 2 year old? How dare you, idiotic piece of garbage.

Goose says:

She is 2 years old

Z'hané Brown says:

damn, she cant be inspired by North West’s outfit and hair? The daughter and Kim and Kanye? yall all mad af lol Aaliyah I LOVE THIS TUTORIAL! Love love love!

marcia branch says:

love everything except you should have put more fondation on your forehead

missi Hill says:

Thee comments are so damn hateful . This look is bomb Aaliyah

Aarthi M. says:

Shes 2. . .

Nikki RODEN says:

you are amazing

Da'Naisa Love says:

Look at you about to reach 1 million subscribers in a couple of months. I’m so proud of you , you deserve it !!

eme says:

she’s 2 years old…

stephanie monasterio says:

what style of braids are those?

Jordan Cavanagh says:

the child is like two?!?!

Brittney Cierra says:

The meme brought me here

Tyra Bandz says:

the amount of imbeciles in this comment section is crazy. It CLEARLY says that the OUTFIT is inspired by North West & she’s adding a makeup tutorial you idiots. You’re only here cause of that “Meme” on instagram

Kennedy Cox says:


Maeliss Elio says:


Kya Howard says:

Lmao, people are complaining because North is 2 and that Aaliyah put on makeup in the video. She’s a grown ass woman, North looked stylish and cute asf so. Let me see y’all wear this outfit out with no makeup on. Y’all would be complaint then too. The keyword is INSPIRED. Not copied. GD, people beg for videos like this and then can never be pleased. Some of y’all need to find something actually worth complaining about.

Nevaeh H. says:

I love your glasses where did you get them??

Lauren Coy says:

I think she’s gorgeous and I totally love the concept on what she did. So unique.

Nik Fab says:

Yes, we all know Kim K’s daughter is a baby.. She’s also a celebrity…Who’s parents choose to dress her like a celebrity. It’s not that big of a deal, or else they would hide her from the paparazzi.

Brittney Cierra says:

Watched the whole video, &. this was cute. I get the title..the outfit &. braids are whats inspired by north west. The make up is just the add on. I like it.

Matteo Kff says:

I saw a meme about this on tumblr lmao

Sade Wellington says:

It says north west inspired OUTFIT plus a makeup tutorial

Marsella Evans says:

Hi, where did you order your backdrop from?

Mileena says:

north is a fucking 3 year old wyd

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