No-Makeup Makeup Tutorial | Sephora

Sephora Beauty Advisor Claudiavel shows her step by step process to achieving the no-makeup makeup look! Find out what are her favorite products and then shop them at Sephora!

Products used:

Tatcha Pore Perfecting Water Gel:
Josie Maran Surreal Skin Balm:
Milk Makeup Sunshine Oil Skin Tint:
Too Faced Born This Way Concealer:
Marc Jacobs Airblush:
Tarte Lip Scrub (Prep):
Sephora Collection Rouge Balm SPF 20:
Sephora Collection Lashcraft Mascara:
Benefit BROWVO! Conditioning Primer Nutrient Rich Eyebrow:
ka-BROW! Cream-Gel Eyebrow Color with Brush:
Sephora Collection Pro:
Sephora Collection Beauty Amplifier Set and Refresh Spray:
Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It:
Ouai Hair Oil:
Maison Margiela Replica Lazy Sunday:

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BlueDawn says:

ALL THAT to look like you’re NOT wearing makeup??!! Oh wow, I’ll stick to a much simpler routine.

R. Alexandra says:

I really happy that I finally found a ideal brush for my makeup through here
The brush quality is so awesome and the shipping is totally free so I recommend it to you guys! I believe this brush set will make your make-up ritual more enjoyable!

Love Heart says:

Her voice is so soothing and peaceful

Maya May says:

I do not understand why her hair ?? I have seen many tutorials, I think a makeup to be uniform hair should be collected. hair sticks to the skin when the foundation has not yet dried completely.

Ltp Lily says:

I like that you show your freckles! so pretty!

DarkStarsInTheSky says:

She is so precious, I love you!!!

Cynthia says:

Hey Sephora! I can’t find any of the Milk foundation product in the store or the website. what’s wrong haha? I would love to give a try

Jolie Ouattara says:

Bruh she could be the next Siri.

Jugger Pot says:

Coola Matte Tint Spf is THE BEST PHYSICAL sunscreen you’ll ever wear.

zadidoll says:

Unfortunately, that’s not a no-makeup look. The brows are way too strong as are the lips. A true no-makeup makeup looks like a skincare ad where you wonder how is that model looking so fresh? Is she wearing makeup? Is she not wearing makeup? That’s what a no-makeup makeup is suppose to be. This look is nice but it’s a light makeup look.

The Rose Reporter says:

I LOVE IT I’M BUYING IT ALL this look is so great for everyday

Agrace216 says:

Love it! And your voice is so soothing!

Trini says:

Can they list the products she’s using?

Elizabeth Beltran says:

Omg lol the script they gave her made her sound so robotic especially when she was talking about the mascara

Suan Lin Yong says:


Dana Ronquillo says:

love her brows!

Jacqueline Gadalla says:

she used her fingers for how my things? I really hope she washed her hands in between applications! :/

Sanaz Afshar says:

She needs her own channel. Does she have one??

GKmelody23 says:

she looks like a mix of pocahontus and mulan

Luka Larrs says:

I cover my freckles I don’t like them

Celia White says:

Love her name!

Alice Wu says:

She is so beautiful and her voice is so calming! I love love love her videos !

Sam Alexis says:

Smoky eye tutorial??

ben pebbs says:

Does the Skin Tint cover acne scars?

Vandini Sharma says:

wow wow wow!!!
Sephora – I’m Indian. Do I need bronzer?

Diana Landis says:

she reminds me of that crazy woman in a movie called misery.

qpdoggy says:

Love that lip color! I’m going to check it out at Sephora However, don’t you think she is selling alot of expensive product lines to look “natural” She looks natural… for about $200 dollars to you and me!

Mikayla Sager says:

There’s a typo- the last perfume she sprays isn’t Lazy Sunday, it’s one of the atelier colognes.

Josephine M says:

She is beautiful.

Kimbermeme says:

I know this video was advertising some new benefit products, but she could’ve just used swiped a coat of the 3D browtones over her brows. Kabrow wasn’t needed at all

Miss Abbi AWESOMESAUCE!! says:

The no makeup makeup look is when you don’t use as much makeup. You look like your going to the mall for the day. This is a beautiful look but not a no makeup makeup look

iloveyoufah says:

how is it a no make up look

auza13 says:

her voice is so gentle & soothing lol

jlolily says:

“Claudiavel” I’ve never heard such a name. It’s such a beautiful one 🙂

Holly Atkinson says:


BB Howell says:

Would you consider doing a video for women of ethnicity to know what shades work for them?

Laura Douglass says:

Your voice is so beautiful! Thank you for these tips, I love how your natural beauty (and cute freckles!!) shines through with this routine <3

Sophea TS says:

I loooooove her brows!!! <3

Samantha Altman says:

How does she not set her concealer?!! The born this way creases so badly if I don’t set it immediately

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