No-Makeup Makeup Tutorial for Instagram | Jessica Clements

No-makeup Instagram Makeup Tutorial | Jessica Clements
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Products I used:
Lip Scrub – Similar –
Glamglow Matte Lip Plumper –
Laneige Lip MAsk –
Estee Lauder Pore Vanishing Stick –
IPKN New York Hyaluronic Acid –
Guerlain l’eau Halee – –
Cover FX Drops – Sunlight, Sunkissed –
ABH Brow Gel -
Maybelline Brow Precise –
Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer – Baked –
Kevyn Aucoin Lash Curler –
PTR Mascara –
Glossier Haloscope – Quartz –
Becca Beach Tint – Guava –
L’oreal Lip Liner –

What I’m wearing
Top –



Jessica! What camera do you use for these videos? 🙂

Inspiredbu t2tired says:

can you make the same video using drugstroe products?

Kaley Light says:

I always use blush in after I use bronzer and highlight to kind of blend it all together!! love haloscope, I think you’d love the cloud paints 🙂

Ichigo Ichigolicioux says:

Your freckles are so cute!!!!

exzreenamike says:

i’ve always loved how natural you look on every videos. you’re an inspiration! much love from malaysia <3

Inspiredbu t2tired says:

I love this look you are so beautiful and lovely

Rose H says:

So just because she’s already born beautiful she has to listen to all of you and not put on makeup at all because she “doesn’t need it?” I mean she likes makeup so she’s going to put on how much she wants whenever she wants. She is a very beautiful woman don’t get me wrong, but you can’t tell someone no matter how ‘gorgeous’ they are that they shouldn’t put on makeup because they don’t need it. Since when did makeup become something to cover your flaws rather than enhance your features?

Side note: No matter how beautiful and perfect someone may seem, it always comes down to who they are as a person. If someone has a poor soul, then they aren’t beautiful anymore. Beauty dies eventually but our soul lives on. Nothing against Jess, just giving advice too young girls who are comparing themselves to someone they don’t know in day to day life .

julia bar says:

What camera and lense do you use ?

Nora Schlegel says:

wow wow wow I don’t think I have ever seen such a beautiful human being… inside and out


love you sexy

Tide says:

What I love about this look is that it’s so natural but it still makes a difference!

Emma Jane says:

I watched war horse and I cried, that is my day

Crisha Lima says:

wow! you’re so pretty ❤

k.c. lee says:

She reminds me of a younger Brooke shields. Extremely gorgeous!

Emelie Nyman says:

You look perfect. even before, not fair :((

Shelby Wanen says:

@JessicaClements does the hyaluronic really work for you as a separate skin care item vs. having already built in a moisturizer? Love you!!!! ❤

Mariya Flores says:

she looks like the girl version of Chris collins

Haley S says:

When someone tells you that the natural look suits you, you can tell them it took 15 products to get this natural look

Kaili Wang says:

Why are Americans so in love with freckles? I just don’t get it. In Japan even one tiny bit will make ppl hate it.

Tatiana Otreba says:

omg I love your freckles soooo much

onyeatmonster says:

Hello beautiful!

Leong Yuqi says:

please do a makeup collection! and you look beautiful <3 love all your videos <3

Chelseea says:

Idk why you remind me of Taylor Hill lol like the way you talk! Beautiful! 🙂

thao nguyen says:

You’re look like Taylor Hill ❤️❤️❤️

N Rahman says:

love it! have to check out that becca cheek tint

Pearlie Grace says:

ive never seen anyone more beautiful without makeup what in the world is her species

ch _0911 says:

Just watching your face, everyday going greats

TheMeganWho says:

I thought this was Emily DiDonato

Jackie Araza says:


Caroline Souza says:

Where’s she from?

abeer alazmi says:

Girl you don’t need makeup you are beautiful

FANFAN says:

To do a No-Make Up photo on Instagram, just don’t wear make up at all.

Eunice Ho says:

You look like Leighton Meester. Gorgeous.

Sun S says:

Did you get lip injections? Your lips have been looking a lot fuller. If so, could you do a video on your experience? I’m so curious as to how it goes!

realslimbayze says:

i love her nails/fingers

Kristine Neri says:

What camera do you used?

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