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Natural Brow Tutorial

lashes done at Lust for Lashes

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Simone says:

You are absolutely adorable!!! Love this look!

Nazma Begum says:

Hi. Your video’s are very easy to understand which is brilliant. Could you do a make up tutorial for dark eyes (eyelid & under eye).

Halima ZR says:


Rooma Asif says:

dnt mind if you are medium to dark skin toned how come you are looking so fair??

Samantha F says:

Can you do a review on the eyelash extensions? like the pros and cons, things like that…

Abshiro abdimalik says:

New subscriber!!!!!!!! You’re amazing and I subscribed to your channel

Perris Edwards says:

What shade is the strobe cream in? 😮

GLCarmine says:

Gorgeous and natural – thank you – the best natural makeup tutorial I’ve ever seen!!!

Luisa müller says:

You Look amaazing!! ❤❤ Most beautiful tutorial I’ve ever watched!

Georgiana R. says:

You are absolutely gorgeous!

Selma C says:

How can you look this beautiful?

Rosie De La Cerda says:

Best tutorial I’ve seen in a long time! Thanks for the step by step, easy to follow beauty tips.

briana diaz says:

You should do a best brushes tutorial! 🙂

Ana D says:

does she have eyelash extensions?

Anisa osman says:

Can dark skin people use this strobe cream?

Fatima Ali says:

Are those ur lashes cuz goals

Gabrielle Macie says:

I know you probably get this alot but you are very beautiful

Raheema Abdallah says:

Mashallah.ave seen many beautiful girls with make up. but ave never seen such a beauty with no make up..

Amal says:

ur lashes are natural!!! omg!

Goldtube says:

How can I get the polysporin in the states, its only a Canadian product?

Lydia Smith says:

I honestly don’t understand how you are so beautiful ughhh❤️ btw just found your channel…subscribed right away

Tanya Petersen says:

Naturally sweet like a sugar cookie for Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and your foamy. I love you much.

lula kamb says:

Omg I was feeling so down about myself and how tired I looked ALL THE TIME (thank you 3 children…4 if I count the husband lol!) and then I saw this video! I love make up videos but they never look quick or easy esp when you have like 10min to get ready before the school run. Thank you so much for this. You have no idea how happy you made me!

Athirah Zaki says:

Hye . what foundation undertone r u sing ,, yellow or pink. just curious.

Gabrielle Macie says:

can you put the product you used in the description box please

Ann Mcleod says:


Shaikha Aldarmki says:

Your skin is amazing! your pigmentation is nearly gone! mashallah what products you have been using?

Carrisa Keith says:

omg ure so pretty

sadia_e says:

this is the most natural “no makeup” makeup look I’ve come across! so many other youtubers use like 4837498237924 products, but you didn’t even use as much lol! deffo gonna try out this look since I have most of these mac products!

Aneesa Ali says:

I like it

mimi hati says:

Dear Manal,
Can you please make more videos. Maybe even have a daily blog channel. Anyways, I think your extremely beautiful. From one hijabi to the other, keep up the good work! Wish you the best in the years to come. I also wish u great success. Xoxo

Royal Zessy says:

new subbie here, hope u can visit mine

lina ibrahim says:

Your so pretty without makeup Mashallah goals

Clement Atillo says:

Can you do a holiday look!??

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