NO FOUNDATION Makeup Tutorial | Flawless Finish (EASY)

Hello beautiful people of the world! Today I’m stoked to share my easy ‘no foundation’ makeup tutorial with you. The last one I did was over a year ago and so much as happened/changed in my beauty life! You’ll see a totally new routine in this video versus my previous one so I totally recommend you watch for some new tips! I’ve found this one to be a better option considering the coverage looks just as if you’re wearing foundation (but I swear I’m not!) I think the key to a flawless natural no foundation look is in the technique. You really have to invest in the right brushes to create this so-called effortless look.

What do you think of this tutorial? P.S Did you catch the bloopers at the end? hahahaha

Disclaimer: Please note that this tutorial usually takes me 5-10 minutes to do in ‘real-life’ (I know it seems longer because in Youtube world I’m having to walk you through every step.) Also, if it’s too much – you don’t have to use all these products! There are times when I skip out on the Givenchy highlighter/concealer stick and just go with the Laura Mercier Camouflage concealer for under my eyes and face.That video has already been done on my channel so you can go watch if you’d like. For this one, I wanted to show you how you can achieve that “flawless finish” without the extra cake! 😉 It might be hard to tell but I don’t have makeup on my entire face. It’s mostly in the t-zone area which is where I wanted to target! It works for me so I was inspired to share 🙂 Thanks for your support!

**List of Products I used in this Video (in order of appearance)
Cream Base: Mustaev
Face Primer: Mally
Eye Concealer: IT Cosmetics in ‘Tan’
Face Concealer: Laura Mercier’s Camouflage Palette in ‘SC-4’
Highlighter stick: Givenchy Mister Light in shade ‘5’
Setting Powder: Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder
Bronzer: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil in ‘Medium/Deep’
Blush: ELF Cosmetics in ‘Pink Passion’
Cheekbone Shimmer: BH Cosmetics Wild & Radiant Palette
Eyebrow Gel: Maybelline Great Lash Gel
Eyebrow Kit: L’Oreal Prep & Shape brow kit
Eyeliner: L’Oreal Smoldering Eyeliner in ‘Brown’
Eyeshadows: L’Oreal Colour Riche in ‘202 (gold) & 206 (pink)’
Mascara: Maybelline
Lip Color: Ciate London in ‘Kiss Me Quick’
Lip Gloss: Burt Bees in ‘Sunny Day #221’

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Milena M says:

Hi! Love your videos! What are the brushes that you use for bronzer/contouring? thanks!


You look so pretty! I recently started doing simple, foundation-less makeup looks and I’m loving it.
I have a tutorial of my routine on my channel if you’re interested!

Sunita Prajapati says:

you are so beautiful and you tutorial made me easy to use make up. But I need your help I have Indian dark skin tone so I m confused with lip color and eye shadow which suits me. plzzzz help me. reply plz

Silver Knight says:

You’re arab??
That’s Lit.

Grace Ignacio says:

love it

onanoko2007 says:

Jack, come back! *tear-jerking laugh* Great tutorial btw!

Amy Holmesbdmsk says:

I don’t like wearing heavy makeup and can totally avoid foundation I have done it before and just put concealer on especially under my eyes. BUT my face is naturally way lighter than my neck 🙁 so any recommendations? it’s literally the only reason I wear foundation to make my face skin tone match my neck:(

Amia Terry says:

I really love your personality…….definitely going to keep up with you!!!

Selena Gonzales says:

Totally just jumped on the Sazan band wagon!! The crown braid brought me here!! Loveeeeee your videos!

Iman Ham says:

loooove her wild eyebrows

becky m says:

“girl we are not trying to have more bags than Louis vuitton you feel me?” haha x’D oh I love her

yasmin hussain says:

Your very bubbly u remind me of my primary teacher called muss young…..btw she’s full of fun and goes uni

I M says:

I really like this tutorial! I don’t really like wearing foundation so this is helping me a lot!

My YouTube Channel says:

love it-but it would help if you don’t fast forward through the eye makeup part as that’s the part that is tough to know how to do. Thanks girl!

Anahita Yildiz says:

Love you’re tips and tricks! As a Middle Eastern as well, your tips truly do help!
xoxo <3

Manisha says:

N today was my third time watching all of your(by all i mean allll..) hair n beauty tutorials back to back like i’m on netflix.
You go girl… Would love if you do a NO BRUSH NATURAL/EVERYDAY MAKEUP LOOK.

Eleonora Bettio says:

Drugstore version, please.

Merve C. Leto says:

“kurdish” BYE

Joan Joe says:

Can I wear primer before a base?

Shena Melgar says:

Definitely doing this whenever I am running late. Would love to hear your thoughts, tricks or even tutorial to keep your make up on all day during the HOT summer days!!

Katerina Gketi says:

Very clean,fresh skin!!!!

Sin Albrecht says:

This video is informational and Hilarious!

Drama Queen says:

Really love it! It so simple. I can use this to go classes. Thank you

Roaa N.N says:

I’m from the Middle East as well!:) Palestinian and i have Kurdish in me.

Aleah Natsu says:

Thanks!! I’m actually pretty young, barely a teen, but your tutorial helped a lot!! Thank you!!

diya bhani says:

Her video is over exposed…

LiZbEtH fLoReS says:

I LOVE this video because I BARELY wear foundation, I only wear it on my imperfections because the rest of my face is FLAWLESS and I hate it when people have perfect skin and wear a lot of foundation but I can’t judge them…..

Kiana says:

Loved ur Rose voice haha and you’re stunning glad to discover ur channel <3

msbunnyears123 says:

30 seconds in and I’m now a subscriber

Kayla G says:

I LOVE her!!! #personality

Desiree Lane says:

Hi I’m new to your channel I just want to say thank you for this video You are so beautiful

PaciPhanHer says:

This is good for me because I wear makeup because I have bags under my eyes and I like putting it on, but my skin is ok at the moment (only ok) and foundation breaks me out ridiculously.

Uncle Shaun says:

You kept pointing out flaws about your face and literally u have no flaws , don’t be so harsh on yourself

Sarah Hassan says:

Ayee ur middle eastern. Ur so pretty mashallah

What When Wear says:

what camera are you filming this with? is someone else helping with focusing on the products or is it automatic?

Melissa Jackson says:

If i were as pretty as you naturally,i wouldn’t even wear make up on my wedding day!

deniz PMT says:

this is the first vid i see of u !!! you’re just a piece of cuteness !!!! so gorgeous !!

Karen Al says:

Just discovered your channel and just on the fact that you love Mariah… You are winning!

V4Vendetta says:

7:15 Nice rhyme LOL

Chevonne Gittens says:

OMG you’re so hilarious, love your channel!

cranky panda says:

Jack come back???? lolol!!!!!

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