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OPTIONAL wig cap and bobby pins

large hat

elmers glue stick

translucent powder

large powder puff

white eye liner pencil

NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk and black bean

white and black aqua paint (i used wolfe brothers)

skinny black eyeliner (i used Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise Skinny Gel Pencil)

matte eye shadow in yellow, red, black, light and dark blue (i used a crown brush palette)

beige, green, grey, red and black cream paints (i used the Ben Nye Death Wheel and black, red and white wheel)*Version*=1&*entries*=0

OPTIONAL makeup mixer


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Kimberly Baragas says:

“maybe I’m the only cryer here” Wut do u think we are, potatoes?

Susie Strowbridge says:

I love Your videos

joel sanchez says:

please do a video of your bra

destoo oo says:

hey where did u get that spider shirt from. i need it for halloween

Pink Kitty says:

first of all has any body ever realized that the mayor from night mayor before Christmas nails are red or he has none at all and it is dry blood. also you should do a makeup tutorial of a fly

Mily98 PCY92 says:

you are rlly good at this!

Beauty Girl says:

omg loved this

Mira Velin says:

this is so bad… im sorry, but that looks like shit

sad blob says:


Rosa Gonzalez says:

is it safe to put Aqua paint on your ears

Freya Sekhar says:

i have ate a tarantular leg

Maille Olgyay says:

no your not the only one my eyes look bloodshot too after i cry

Jordan_ Everly _McCracken says:

How many times have you run out of your jumbo milk eye pencil by nyx

Kennedy Paints says:

This is amazing

tozurie says:


Natalie Mathews says:

Spiders have 8 legs tho

not harambe says:

Oh, I haven’t watched you in three months. Guess it’s time to catch up on all your videos. >;o

Live Laugh Lauren says:

do you think you could do something from the tv show Wolfblood? i started rewatching all the episodes and i thought you could do something kind of mid transformation like with the yellow eyes and the veins on one half of your face and then the actual wolf on the other half.

Becca Burk says:

actually the spider wasn’t dead. in the movie the mayor lost it in his megaphone he went to grab it and it bit him the the mayor put it back on his shirt and smacked it into unconsciousness. seriously awesome tutorial though. This is a random makeup request, but do you think you could do a makeup tutorial for a cyborg wolf hybrid?

Mily Villalba says:

on 0:47 the wig cap looks like a choker

sephorasara says:


David Reay says:

HI!!!! Omg One day can you do happy side of the mayer Pleas Reply .from Charlotte Bailey Reay xoxo i love your Chanel xoxo

bcgrote says:

Mayor May Not! Awesome!

Aradhana Lemon says:

Plz do a lalaloopsy doll transformation for my little cousin

sweetyjojo09 says:

Do we have to paint our ears

Becca Burk says:

or an evil Cheshire cat makeup tutorial in honor of Alice in Wonderland through the looking glass. please kat

DixieGroovyPower _ says:

can you do Cheshire cat

Janaiah Richelieu says:

you are so awesome with this kind of makeup

Krystal's Nails says:

You should do a walking dead rich crams and then if a walker bit him

Lauren Bahr says:

Hi Kat! Love this tutorial. I was wondering, could you do a character from Undertale? It would be so cool and I think a lot of people would love to watch. (There are some “dark” characters in Undertale, so I think you would like that! XD) Thanks!

Oka Ruto says:

can u please do oka from yandere simulator

Sandra Rangel says:

can you do a jack or sally

HeyItsSara says:

You should do a The Walking Dead inspired makeup look

NZiyah Stevenson says:

Cool I love that movie

CoolKid says:

i love that movie xox

lauren thomas says:

please put a reference picture in the corner of the screen so we can follow along!

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