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Sugaree43 says:

That eyeshadow look fucking rocks! Hands down one of the best I’ve seen all year. Yea i spend way to much time on youtube LOL.

Shea Dillon says:

Bella! You should do a drugstore tutorial cuz my ass is poor

Kayla Paige says:

I love the black eyeliner you use! How are you liking the naked heat palette?

Kyra Brady says:

your freckles are so cute

Autumn Newbury says:

It would be so nice if you vlogged your trip(s)!! Happy New Year!!

Steph Renshaw says:

That eye look is gorgeous!

Diana Dominguez says:

I love it

Emily Becerra says:

this look is GORGEOUS

Potato Fried says:

Please do a hair tutorial on how you curl your hair recently thank you!

Kajsa Malmquist says:

Heyyy Bella <3 I think it’s perfectly fine when you talk about eating healthy and all that jazz (there’s nothing wrong w that like you should) but when you are talking about that “you have to lose weight” I think it can trigger a lot of people who have struggled... I am aware that you probably don’t mean to hurt anyone or trigger anyone I just wanted to raise a little awareness and just say something about it!! I love you and keep on the good work!!

Amy Draper says:

Girl vlog again pleaseeeee

ShineBrightStars says:

I NEED that midnight cowboy eyeshadow it is so pretty!

Angelique Campo says:

you bursting out into song when you couldn’t find your highlighter is my biggest mood

Stephanie Delveaux says:

it is so relaxing to watch you blend eyeshadow, <3

Krisine Svilpe says:


alliew237 says:

You are glowing Bella! Love you!

gabriella santosa says:

can u please do a makeup favorites of 2017 video?!

Lauren Davis says:

I recreated this look for New Years Eve (using different products because I don’t have the same ones as you) and it was gorgeous! I had never done a cut crease before and it was sort of tricky but I was able to pull it off with some practice. Thanks so much for inspiring me! Gorgeous look!

EyesOnJess says:

have fun on your trip! sounds so exciting!

Abigail Adams says:

This eye look is to die for ohmylord

chloe reed says:

Park representative flavor smell seed stick point slope entire witness think good.

Makaera Burton says:

Holy shit I love this look

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