Hey guys! Feel like I haven’t filmed a tutorial in a minute! So I thought why the hell not film one using the new Jeffree Star Androgyny Palette! This palette is so stunning and the colors just speak to me so I was like yo… lets have fun with this bad boy!
Hope you guys enjoy the makeup tutorial! 😀

SNAPCHAT – Mannymua
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Scarlet Samurai says:

Manny, you’re so fucking RADIANT

Sara Messore says:

Love this look!! Especially the lipstick!! So pretty, what shade is it?

Federico Pagani says:

hate your nails omg do something 4 itttttttt

Cristal Valadez says:

You are gorgeous ♡ ohmygod

Zoe Serlin says:

I LOVE MANNY, I love him as a person and listening to him as I like his commentary BUT… I don’t think he’s great at makeup xxx

Ayye Nena says:

This is my second time watching it. I was waiting till ten am so I can get it and now I’m just wait to be shipped out ♡♡♡

Izzybee5773 says:

I just ordered the pallet yesterday :)))

Claudine M says:

Everyone’s a critic! Wow.. leave the dude alone..such negativity on here..

Barbara Moore says:

Someone pls tell me what the song is that he used at the end!!

Alysah Pasquerilla says:

I love this look!!

PoutineBunne ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ says:

I don’t get how people are saying this palette isn’t good like can you not see how pigmented that is, I think it blended out really well.

Alyssa Antonio says:

love you Manny!! great TUTORIAL

Emily Massengale says:

who the heck does your intro animation? It’s beautiful and like…Disney Sailor Moon

Kaitlyn Hanson says:

i luv u ur sooooo awesome!

Olivia Vidal says:

Loved this look! Definitely going to try this look out when my palette comes in!

Breanna Christine says:

God, I love you manny holy fuck

haylee fontenot says:

y’all all just messy, take yalls comments else where man. he obviously tells us all every time he doesn’t wanna hear about how he “can’t blend his shadows” and shit. back tf off him.

joz aCoz says:

uuugh why am i not as pretty as you!!!? love the look!

Francesca Kerrigan says:

pigmented as tits haha 1:04

readmetchieread says:

i feel like your Highlighter would do Nikki proud 😀

Nicole Jlynn says:

Your highlight is GOALS like BLINDING!!!!!! Slayyyyyyyy

Autumn Rose says:

Like he said if you don’t like this video or like him get the fuck out. Just because you have an opinion that’s different than his doesn’t mean that his opinion is invalid. This look is absolutely gorgeous just like Manny so if you’re gonna hate take it somewhere else because he’s just making a tutorial video on a new pallet that someone may have wanted to know about. You keep doing you Manny ❤️❤️

Happy Weaver says:

one of my favorite makeup looks ever!!

Keanu Balani says:

Yall acting like you invented makeup talking about “his eyeshadow isn’t blended”. Respect the look, respect the artistry and move on.

bellabetrayal says:

I love it 😀 the colours are awesome x

LisaM says:

I LOVE YOU!!! <3 <3 <3

the ultimate troll queen says:

Hit a bong every time he says pigmented

Amiee Irene says:

ok…hold on for a second. can we just take a moment and appreciate his highlighter??? like, that shit is lit as hell!!

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