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Simple Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Hey Dolls,
I wanted to film something more natural as most of my makeup tutorials are very dramatic.
So I really hope you guys enjoy this tutorial!

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SNAPCHAT: amyrose_walker

Thank You for watching
Amy-Rose xxxx

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babyb.xo says:

what mascara is that?? dyyyinggg to know

Fatima says:

U don’t need makeup! You’re gorgeous!

Roimata Forde says:

i actually Love this look and its so simple once you get it!! sooo subscribung to your channel ! xx

Beauty By Mørgåñ says:

Omg my mouth dropped when you put that mascara on your eyelashes are so long omggggg

Kayla Velez says:

OMG thanks to your video I’m leaving my house right now to go and get the telescopic mascara again. Ive had it before and forgot how amazing it was!!

Montana Sanabia says:

First step have perfect skin and look perfect without make up ..

19simplyme93 says:

I wish these beauty gurus would be more honest in mentioning the filter they use on their videos. Yes she is beautiful and her skin does look flawless, but it’s all in the soft skin filter she’s using in the video.

Mirwa mahmood says:

shes so pretty xx

Yazlin Ríos says:

Why do you need make up you very pretty

D. Cosette says:

I constantly use my make up with this superb brush from here
Definitely the best brush so far and Its blend my makeup perfectly, I bought for my sibling one too, and the quality is superb! Anyhow the price is really economical and the shipping is free.

shalyn says:

you are beautiful !!!

TJ Shotwell-Green says:

love how she’s pretty without makeup….. and me? im just a trashcan.

Jasmine Bajaj says:

please upload your skin care routine because girl…..

Ailyn Garcia says:

shes so freaking BEAUTIFUL

Abby May says:

This makeup will change your life! It changed mine.

Noa Exenberger says:

girrrrl how u do ur fancy eyebrows

Danae says:

wow so pretty, i also did an everyday make up look

Ellie Larson says:

OMG thank God you are actually just doing the makeup! Last Youtuber I watched spent FOREVER talking about how much she LOOOOVED the products, and hadn’t used it in forever, oh and she loved this new song, and she HAD to eat these pretzels while recording…I’m so glad you just showed us the tutorial!

Gem Sandiego says:

i really like your makeup

ThisHollowLife says:

Is it just me or did she put A LOT of concealer?

Janelle Rhoades says:

this is the absolute opposite of a natural makeup tutorial. You started with makeup already on your face, you completely changed your skin color, and you used half a tube of concealer under your eyes. I stopped watching after that.

delores taylor says:

welp I feel ugly now. ur too gorg

Estera laba says:

does anyone know what palette she used???

Anjalie Lachhana says:

She’s so pretty without and with makeup

Raquel Guzman says:


Shaela Marie Garces says:

omg! I love it!!!

Between19 says:

for real tho, your skin is perfect!

Taylor Gentry says:

omg her skin wth she’s a fricking goddess and i’m over here looking like a flipping goose with some issues

Sara Kayali says:

holy shit your skin looks photoshoped smooth level wow

AJ Scara says:

How is it fair that she’s gorgeous and I’m a watermelon

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