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Hola mis Amores.. In today’s video i’m very excited because I am partnering up with TargetStyle for this Mothers Day. This video was inspired by my Mom 🙂 This was also fun because I had to step out of my comfort zone. Jenn Im (@Imjennim) and I gave our mom the most amazing surprise thanks to TargetStyle. Click here to find all the Target goodies for your mom this Mother’s Day:

And if you haven’t seen our Mother’s Day surprise, click on the link below to see what surprises we had in store for our moms!

Watch Jenn’s Video for Mother’s Day with TargetStyle below!


Anna Soccer101 says:

Is she Dominican

Naja Kent says:

first time ever seeing someone using the elf brow gel!!! I live for it!!

Ri Ri B says:

I love your accent your videos are lifeeee lol

Ra'Sha Moses says:


Gabriella Rojas says:

Omg you look sooooo pretty!!!!

Tori Martinez says:

My mom has a allergic reaction to every kind of makeup like she has tried every brand and right after she applies it she feels a burning sensation so she doesn’t wear makeup so if y’all know any type of makeup that would go good with her skin plz tell me gracias

JUST ME says:

Love this video.

Beyonce sauseda says:


mary higgins says:

Awww so cute! My mom and I do makeup together too. Love it

Claudia De Chellis says:

omg so sweet

Jeanne-Sophie Lebel Millan says:


DodgerChiic says:

“Berry into skincare” lmao love the accet

Lyric Rodriguez says:

lol im just going to cover my blemishes covers face lol you’re beautiful

Blue girl Fatima says:


mspinkytee says:

You are ignorant to spend your money on Jefferi star products. So you support racists? Thanks for letting people know. If there were nothing wrong with it then you would take the comments on that video.

Aneesah Khan says:

i love how you say a little bit, but….. you mean 3/4s of your face, lmao!

zachelle4lyfe says:

Can you try the new milani products?

July Santiago says:

You should change your microphone

Dva says:

SHE’S ALMOST AT 800,000!!! I love her so dearly. She has been working hard the whole time and you can see it. I love you ! And I hope you hit 1M soon. I’m with you on this journey. 🙂

shania castillo says:

this is so sweet and legit amazing

Shy Nymph says:

Why am I so ugly!?! You’re so beautiful!

Alissa Suns says:


Rebekka says:

Forreal doe, you mom looks BOMB! Soo good

FabulousWright says:

Love this lol

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