My Go To Make Up Tutorial

Well, I tried! Sorry if it was kinda crappy, I’ll get better with time! Yes.. this means I will be doing more tutorials! WOOO! But anyway, I dove in and went for it. Hope you enjoyed.

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Stacy Gonzalez says:

“i really like it, it’s shiny and just kinda makes you look more awake. Sorry im really bad at explaining, ill get better with time i promise.”


Jess says:

You have a really good shape eyebrow, just a tip, if you use the same colour you use for your highlight, on your brow bone it can really accentuate your eyebrows and make them look more defined x

Cierra Britton says:

can you do a eyeliner tutorial?

godhatesmelody says:

why is she acting so plastic in this video?

Jassmine Gonzalez says:

you have to wet the beauty blender and then queeze the water out.[not being bossy or anything]

isa zimmermann says:

what is the name of the color of the Kyle Jenner Lip Kit she is using??

lululemonfan123 says:

I just realized how much she sounds like Jennifer Lawrence lol.

ThisAndThatWithMalynn says:

Please make another makeup video! Your makeup is always so good

Juliana Nicole says:

If you think that is the best mascara you’ve ever used you need to get Too Faced better than sex rn girl

Payton Hermes says:

try using “roller lash” by benefit!! its my favorite

Åesthetical msp// says:

You should be a model.

Megan Elizabeth says:

You’re eyebrows are so perfect

Derek the dimple says:

You look gorgeous even without makeup <3

Cheryl Archer says:

you crack me up lol been watching since the beginning and honestly you’re tutorial for this was literally how every girl does there make up well the commentary of it anyway lol

i am Thesexylexy says:

your so prettty!!!

Kasey Thompson says:

she looks like heythereimshannon

Amandafindsherself says:

YES! I have that same elf eyebrow kit. I love it!

juniesparks434 says:

Your makeup is always amazing

Jaclyn Jankowski says:

Does anyone know what brush she uses for her foundation

Lakshmi Nauth says:

A dupe for your lip is nutmeg lip liner by nyx

Jacqueline Ordaz says:

finally a person that gets me loved this tutorial on some tutorials I get so confused with the damn brushes like their is so many!

Rose Bethea says:

how old is she?

Scandal X4 says:

Hey Andrea. At least you’re honest. But as you pointed out, you’ll get better as time goes on. But whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it right.

Ana Ramirez-Zurita says:

What extensions do you use? 🙂

Cassandra says:

Didn’t know she was left handed

Megan Mann says:

something that i find handy is using your finger to put eyeshadow on it really grabs the eyeshadow and goes on so well but you did really good so i don’t think you need to try it unless you want to

Angelina LaFrance says:

I wish I was good at makeup like you are Andrea

fishdick says:

why are her eyebrows so far apart

BlabbERINg Thoughts says:

i love how casual this video is hahaha

Martina Hart says:

I used to use the elf brow stuff but it came off so easily! the anastasia dip brow pomade is expensive but you have to scrub to get it off and it does wonders!!

Just Jess says:

Can we like have more of these?? Love girl, looove

ِAndyy Ziam says:

i really like ur make up ♥

Haley Haynes says:

It Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara works so good! It makes your lashes look dramatic & thick! totally worth the price!

Noemi Culo says:

I dont know the first thing about makeup, so I just came to this video to tell you ur funny and awesome 😉

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