My Everyday Makeup Tutorial with a SPRING TWIST! (So fun)

Happy almost Friday! Today I’m taking my everyday natural makeup routine, and I’m adding a purple twist. Why might you ask? Spring is right around the corner so why not spice up the daily look a little in celebration? When I set myself up for this challenge, I was a little nervous about how it would turn out. Thankfully I didn’t end up looking like a clown. Phew! Today I am going to show you how to take the spring color PURPLE (or blue, pink, green, what ever etc) and incorporate it into your next everyday makeup look. With the right technique, you can save yourself from looking like a clown and taking over the town!!! Hey that rhymes. 😉 Okay I’ll stop talking now and let you see the video for yourself. 😀

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**All makeup products can be purchased online at Neiman Marcus on in stores.

I hope you enjoy the new little set! I’m so excited to film in the new place. We used natural lighting for this video with the exception of a ring light around my camera. It turned out so great!! yay.

P.S. What personal makeup challenge video do you want to do next? Comment below and pass me some ideas!


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fashionlifegurl67 says:

Make daily vlogsss please !!

Beautorgeous World says:

pretttyyyyy <3

Jakson Kenedy says:

Very very pretty

Iqra Iqbal says:

You’re beautiful !!!


you look perfect without makeup <3.. but the end result is also gorgeous. congrats on the new house btw 🙂

Monika Filipović says:

You Are so gorgeous just with the foundation

Classandra B says:

Omg! You look like Eva Mendes!

Giuli Natalicchio says:

hey, I love your acttitude and you look so good without makeup 🙂
go to my channel and tell me what do you think about it !

Orit 1 says:

love your ring which one is that?

Iqra Iqbal says:

Please do a house / room tour

Jean M says:

embrace your natural curls more. Your hair is starting to look so damaged from all the colouring and straightening

Stephanie Hendrix says:

Love the new spring look Sazan! Your Chair!!!!! I love it !!!!

Lana La says:

why are you shouting?

pallavi gupta says:

You’re so pretty!!

MillieElizabeth says:

Sazan what camera do you use? and what lighting equipment?:)

geekista says:

I hope it isn’t gonna sound wierd but I like your lips !

Jinse Thomas says:

Effortless and gorgeous look Sazan!! Loved it

Bao Tran says:

New subscriber. Great colors in this video, not just in your makeup, but also your shirt and your nail polish as well!! BTW can you please tell us the name of that polish? Love it!

N. Venegas says:

Too much high end products, not everyone can afford it :/

Joyce liu says:

I got my curing iron from this store: now I have a beauty hair stylish everyday!

Sara Iannaccone says:

new eyeshadow brushes?! Can you please share details? Thank you!!

YASMINE 0409 says:

Toujours canon

girlie guarin says:

you’re so pretty!

chipotlepep says:

Very pretty! Not to harsh anything; but it’s really not a good idea to blow on eye brushes (or makeup), as that can cause eye issues/infection – tap instead. 🙂

MsPreciousMarie says:

Congrats on your new home!

Linda Rodriguez says:

Please do a video of the hair style on your wedding day. I just cut my hair and will love to know how to do it like that. I cut it like yours but now I need to learn how to style it myself lol 🙂 I haven’t had short hair in 15 years but I love it and so does my hubby 🙂

M Beviar says:

Loove your tutorials and looks but you always use high end products that I cannot afford :(((( congrats on your new home x

Bomboncito_art says:

Love it. And I love your hair colour <3

Pinar Tk says:

You are really pretty:-) Other kurds here ? #KURDISH

Alejandra Cr says:

House tour!!!!

Lila N says:

Such a gorgeous look! Thank you Sazan!

theyummypot says:

Love your hairstyle!!!!!!!HAIR TUTORIAL PLEASSSS

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