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Ally Bowerman says:

I really wanted to watch this but the sound only goes through one earphone and it’s driving me insane haha love you ashy x x

Lauren Francis says:

What shade of shape tape do you use? Xx

Brittany Dennis says:

Love this! would love to know what you use for makeup remover 🙂

Callie Stewart says:

Ashy I didn’t catch the products you used, can you attach it in your information portion so we can click it to order.

hanna loll says:

Your voice is very low and the music is to high you can’t hear your voice and what your saying

Charlee Camilleri says:

Ashy you did a really good job I love your makeup tutorial!

Olivia White says:

Hey Ashy, I have a tip for you hunni. My mum has always taught me how to apply creams and stuff that I may use to apply with my hands. MY mum got taught by my nana and this is something that I’ve always followed. instead of dragging you face with your hands you just press quite firmly until the product has absorbed into your skin. If you drag it may affect you in a later time of your life by getting rinckles by the age of 50. I’m not saying this in a bitchy way AT ALL I love so so much and feel free to do what ever you want with your own skin it’s your body at the end of the day. But it was just a little tip that I thought I might share. Xxx

Aimee D says:

Hi Ashy what primer are you using…..? Coyote?

Lexy McAvoy says:

Does anyone know what color is on her nails?! I am in love with it!!!!

Paige Tilson says:

Love this look! I’m trying it soon! Thanks for all the videos Ashy!

Klaudia Szewczyk says:

Make up is all about being creative so having different techniques is totally correct x

HannieKoKo says:

Having the hardest time hearing you in this video, babe! Maybe take down the music level a little bit in future videos! Thanks for sharing your makeup routine, I am always so obsessed with your makeup in your snaps! It always looks so good! xoxo

Isabella Williams says:

the bronzer tip was so helpful xo

tammys130 says:

Loved this Ashy. Such a pretty, natural look. You were right when you said the Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter #23 brush. I have it and love it. I have other highlighter brushes but always grab for that one. Just like how it applies. Definitely worth a try!

Leah Greig says:

Just wondering where you can buy this foundation brand from?

helèna j says:

Please fix audio! Voice is coming from left and music from right

Melissa Stanton says:

I love watching makeup tutorials, but enjoy just the everyday “non makeup artist” ones more as they are more relatable to me , love all your videos Ashy, you motivate me to stay positive and healthy xxx

LC M says:

If you don’t like pink blush you should try a peach/orange toned blush 🙂 you’ll like it if you love the bronzey look. It’ll give you a healthy glow xx

Rachel J says:

Ashy ! I’m relatively new to the makeup world (I used to never wear makeup because I didn’t know how) but over the last couple years I have definitely figured out how to do my makeup without looking silly. This tutorial was so good! I appreciate all of the stuff you showed and the techniques … I know I had some issues with blush at first because I’m SO fair, if you get out the two faced heart shaped blush trio in peach beach, it’s perfect for blush and bronzer combined!! It’s also good to start with a peachy blush because it won’t look so clown like!

Love your videos girl! 🙂

Shantel Da Costa says:

When I studied makeup my teacher told us the beauty of makeup is there is no wrong way to do it ☺ so use whatever brush you wish hehe

Korin Hockman says:

they sell thin lizzy at priceline where i live

paulla munnery says:

Ashy what colour shade shape tape concealer have you used?

Rebekah Dekerlegand says:

Could you do a Valentines day episode?? Healthy deserts, outfits, makeup, etc.? Appreciate everything you do so much. XOX

Kristen Jones says:

loved this video and it makes me want to buy a bunch of becoyote!! I wanted to mention the sound- on the right headphone it plays music and the left plays your voice so it made it hard to listen to when you don’t hear both equally in both headphones. I wasn’t sure if you all knew this one was doing that or not so thought I would mention it! 🙂

missbeambaby says:

What is going on with the sound? All I can hear is the music?

Maggie Gebka says:

Ashy, this was great. No need to apologise for the wrong brush. There’s not such a thing. Whatever works. You did a great job. It’s achievable and easy enough so everyone can get inspired, Thanks. xo

saraschoell says:

Can you recommend good brushes. I need a good eye shadow brush

Carolina Cai says:

yayyyy love makeup tutorials!! I think your skin without makeup looks great!!

Laurie Feaver says:

hey ashy
with the be coyote foundation how do you find it stays on?
do you find you have to touch up your foundation throughout the day very much?
is it still the be coyote foundation that you use at the booty tour events? and how long do you find a tub of powder and the liquid magic lasts you?
Also you did for a little bit try the face cheat Spray on primer/moisturizer I was just wondering if you still think this is a good product?
so sorry for all the questions and so sorry if they have already been asked. thanks for this tutorial very helpful 🙂

Laura Pierson says:

Love this! Can’t wait to see more from you! I just did my everyday makeup look on my channel too

Danielle Daly says:

Your skin is lovely you don’t even need make up ☺️

Charlene Rowe says:

It’s so nice to watch a simple make-up routine, thank-you for sharing! I don’t like wearing a lot of make-up at all, but this is something that I can do!

Korin Hockman says:

I love that you have no idea what youre doing because I actually find you teach me!

Aimee D says:

OMG I cant believe you just explained how to do your eyes so simply!  Thank you so much!!! Im going to try this now…I usually watch Brittney Saunders and I like how both of you have the same eyes…not much of a lid.   So to see how to apply eye makeup is great. Thanks Ashy…

Kacey Rosenthal says:

Can anybody find the tanning tutorial? I cant seem to find it and ive been excited to watch it!

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