Modeling in My First Korean Makeup Campaign!


Lip color I’m wearing
★High Tinted Lip Lacquer:

So where can you see this advertisement? I believe it will be in her stores and maybe online..will share on my Twitter when I find out myself! 🙂

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Hey everyone! It’s me, Whitney! I’m an American girl who makes YouTube videos while living in Korea!

Intro: Jessi – Arrived
Outro: Crush – Beautiful
As a creator partnered with DIA TV network,
I’ve used a music source that is proven by the copyright
license between DIA TV and MODOOCOM.

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Jaimy Dances says:

What’s the song at 7:50 again? I love this video 🙂 a nice behind the scenes

KP바비 KJ says:

I love Whitney’s videos there always so positive and genuine

OtterGirli says:

They are right, you are model material. Good work

Nannie Beholds says:


Marquette says:

Go! Whitney…. You are awesome! You go girl.. Beautiful made.

Emily Farmer says:

Whitney is living her best life and I absolutely love it

hyuns 'qt says:

I was literally like ‘aha but than there’s me nothing but good ol trash’ when she said she WAS WORTH IT AND YASSS YOU ARE YOU LITERALLY SLAY FOR PEOPLES DAY don’t listen to me.

Joo Ah says:

I found Whitney’s lips

SleeplessinOC says:

Don’t feel too bad about them working long hours Whitney. They are getting paid I presume.

Carol says:

Yup… that’s korean people for you. Work tirelessly unlike americans!! We can learn a thing or two about their work ethics.

EditYourLife says:

HI Whitney, what’s the song at 4:07?

whitneybaeIRL 휘트니 생활 says:

What..a…long…DAYYY!!!! This was such a challenging photoshoot. I spent most of my time just observing the other models and trying to learn from them. I’m a total noob when it comes to this kind of stuff but I figure, if I learn and practice a bit, I might get kinda good! :ppp Sorry I couldn’t show you more, but it was honestly just a really really busy day! But fun as always! <3 sphanks for watching! :p baiii~!

VicKinista says:

Hi whitney, which program you use to edit your video ?

Tru Scorpio says:


Naidas The Beauteous says:

Hi Whitney! Did you ever get a link for the ad you guys made?

Phi Nguyen says:

Youre so cute. I just had to subscribe

Meghane Nevejan says:


Bob Chan says:

Is that korean make up school?

Jai Gee says:

OMG, you looked Flawless, missy! …and we should ALL pay close attention to what you said at the end…and only surround ourselves with positive energy. Thankies, Whitney!!

Anagha Gijo says:

You are honestly so beautiful! ❤️

OH1-OH2 ! says:

Whitney is a whole model!!! Like sis you should consider this like you’re gorgeous sis

Jocy Franco says:

hello!! i want to ask you something, how did u get to be a model? can u please answer me, i really want to be a model in korea.. lots of love❤

heros bazaar art says:

I wanna tell you something I heared. That a famous person said about you but not on here more like on a dm. But it’s not really that good. So if you don’t want to that’s perfectly fine. .. other then that the last bit of you talking brought tears to my eyes. I absolutely have been trying to do this modeling thing but I swear I’m too ugly. And I never had anyone tell me I’m pretty…. also havebeen a dancer and nobody has told me good things. Which is why I have my low selfesteem. So I’m glad you got positive feed back. It feels great when that happens. But you look gorgeous with that lip color. Btw I just found you a few weeks ago.

Vanity Love says:

Love you girl

KJI Reina says:


BTS' Wifey says:

You’ve totally got that model face and an amazing personality. I would love to meet you. Be healthy and happy <3

Banni Loka says:

omg you are sooooooo Pretty <3 <3 <3

Kefa Abdul-Khaliq says:

Yaaaaaassss Whitney!!!!! Girl slay! Your such a beauty

Jadine Senpie says:

bodak yellow LMAO you crack me up

S.c Shadowtower says:

I want to watch every single video you made. I love you and your looks, your personality makes me smile…you are somehow inspiring, I want to go through life with an energy that is as positive as yours.
I hope you’re happy! Beauty is within, as you said.:)

Another Lesbian Channel says:

You really inspire me to do more with my life

Jikook's wedding planner says:

I don’t know why watching your volgs touch me so deep Whitney. You are a truly beautiful person both inside and out.

ur typical Moonlightcow says:

Omg Arian Grande

Hanako B says:

Love all your videos as always !!!

푸딩딸기 says:

한국인 있나요?ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

JustZoey says:

3:37 this made me laugh

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