Miss Peregrine’s Inspired Make-up Tutorial ad

Hey guys! Today I have a makeup tutorial for you that is perfect for Halloween! This makeup is Inspired by the new Tim Burton movie Miss Peregrine’s home for Peculiar Children which arrives in cinemas September 29th

Watch the trailer: https://youtu.be/87hb4EPff_g
Book tickets: http://www.staypeculiar.co.uk/
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Red Hare
Somerset House



*What camera do you use?
Sony A7s ii
*What editing software do you use?
Sony Vegas Pro 10
* What is your hair colour & what hair dye do you use?
Silver. I get it done at the Salon.
*Where are you from?
I was born in Poland but have been living in England since I was 8 years old. I speak both languages fluently.


Blue diamond says:

The twins powers

Angel Brooks says:

You are awesome and very talented i must try these that you have created so excited yay! Thanks for sharing Happy Halloween 😀 One of my fave’s to lol 😉 (Halloween that is.)

Ida - says:


Princess Xoxo says:

I watched the movie and the twins with the White thingy madgig on them is freaky

Please enter Name says:

Aka the best book and movie ever

Hey guys It's Bethio says:

I’d love to be able to float like Ella

illburninhell says:

how are you so insanely beautiful? with or without makeup

Shamonique Minky Franken says:

hi how long did this Halloween make-up take

PrincessHT137 says:

I watch miss perergrines home for peculiar children! I love it so much!!! Roxi, who is ur favourite character?Mine is Millard.

Puff Dog says:



Hi pretty, I love this vídeo ❤️ and I wanna know what program did you use to criate the sketch?
Love from Brazil.

Serina Xu says:

What do you suggest to wear with this look??

Anna Cannegieter says:

i’m so obsessed with this look, i’ve watched it so many times, it looks so so cool !!

Destiny McMahon says:

I just went on a date to Mrs. peragreins home for peculiar children it was amazing

Roisin Coffey Duff says:

it is such a good movie

Susana Becerra says:

Photoshop Skills (I Think) ON FLEEK!!

Minuexty Elffieno says:

There technically is someone who can see into the future. (That guy who likes clothes)

Idiotic Alien says:

;ooo Your eyes are so beautiful.
Really bright and pretty.
I apologize if that sounds creepy or weird xD

Nancy says:

You are so good at that . . . I wish I was pickery.

Cynthia Pullen says:

Any peculiarity involving water is mine.

Joleen Labert says:

the Movie is so COOL i loved it.

Kaitlin Higgs says:

In the book, there is a character who can see the future.

Tiana the Reader says:

You should read the book and Hugo is not included in the book he is not important to the plotline

Eugénie G-L says:

Really good “estre” (i’m french, and in France we say estre^^, oh, and sorry for my baaaaaad english) make up! Just a little comment: the book is soooo great! I advise you to read it !!

Quest Rose says:

That one kid that projects his dreams kind of tells the future

ShiningMirjam says:

Omg I just watched the movie yesterday

I'm sorry for being trash says:

who else Thinks shes a lot like Zoella ??

Mea says:

wat is the name of the app were you drawing to

Suraiya Begum says:

Illuminati confirmed!!!!!

LeahLiviah says:

This is so cutee you’re really good @makeup

Marinette Neptune says:

i loved it thanks for the Halloween idea

kryptonite301974 says:

My power would be to be able to make a person feel/see what another person/animal is feeling/seeing.

Wolf Styler says:

oooooh yay the movie has a really long title, but its such a good movie

Nina Burk says:

loved this tutorial you’re incredibly talented. If i had a peculiar power i would want invisibility, i would love to be able to get invisible

emii says:

if i could have one peculiarity i would control plants (like fiona)

julia fastside says:

this looks so cool!

Gwendolyn Nelson says:

that character u made looks legit enough to be in the movie. 3 thumbs up

Leah North says:

Hey your videos are amazing and very inspirational with you be able to do a dead Snow White for Halloween maybe

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