Metallic Make up Tutorial with chat – Trend

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Products used

Mac face and Body foundation
Mac extra Dimension eyeshadow Legendary Lure
Pears soap
Make up forever aquarelle 05316
Mac pigment Silver
Mac pigment Platinum
YSL Volume effet mascara
B Eyebrow pencil in cardamon pod
Laura Mercier eye basics peach
Charlotte Tilbury the retoucher 2
Delilah sunset bronzer
Glossier dew effect highlighter Quartz
OCC Lip tar / RTW Belladonna


PrinceTerrible says:

I miss your videos! more like this soon please <3 <3 <3

Kelly Carsey says:

I kiss my mom still and I’m 28 lol! I kiss my son and daughter and will never stop until they tell me no lol! You have such flawless luminous skin no texture it’s absolutely gorgeous

makeuploveculture says:

I love you and Sam! Don’t let anyone call you negative or listen to them anyway! Neither of you have ever really said a negative thing and I have literally been a huge fan and subscribed since your first video!!! I’m also a positive person and actually that’s why we are annoyed by the ridiculousness of society. Like it’s somehow ok to use a shoe to do your makeup but you can’t kiss your own child on the lips? What the hell is that about? I totally agree with you nic! And I love you guys even if you are having an off day or venting! Lol you and Sam are amazing and I hope to one day be lucky enough to have you guys to do my makeup before I die and get to meet you two!

Abbey Barber says:

I kiss both my kids on the lips and I will until they change their minds. it’s just love for your kids. what have you done to your lashes you said “they looks so long now!” Great video. 😀

Lisa Nott says:

I really don’t like the soap brows!!
Totally agree with kissing your kids while you can.. It’s love.. That’s it.. They’re your kids

Eleanor White says:

Sexualising a parental relationship is so evil. A maternal relationship is one of the most mesmerising human connections that should be celebrated and not condemned.

Chinupbeautiful And smile says:

There’s NOTHING wrong with kissing your babies on their lips!! They’re so innocent and we as parents love them, nothing is AT ALL wrong with that!!!

Puzzle Girl says:

I wouldn’t kiss my kids on the lips, but I don’t think it’s wrong to do so.

elle z says:

every video i learn something new are a gem x

Nadine Raley says:

Soap would get in your eyes if you were perspiring heavily. Not something I plan to try.

Aly Grim says:

I always kissed my parents before bed. I’m 19 now, but I still would if I could. I love them very much

Mari Guzman Breznak says:

I thought u guys used to own Real Techniques. Did you sell the company to someone else?

Ellie Simlett says:

Nic where is your shirt from? Love it!

Sil Starchild says:

You are amazing. It is really nice to see proffesionals like you two here on yt. I am tired of watching million coats of makeup, baking, draq contouring. You both are incredibly talented and you don’t need to put tons of makeup on your faces to create beautiful looks. Thank you!

Tina Ganguly says:

I don’t have kids but just the other day I kissed my best friends baby on her lips . I was like “eh?” Then I realised I did it because she looked like a cupcake. Either bite or kiss. it’s fine to kiss kids on the lips…go on parents do it. Ignore silly people who say no.

Kris's Crescent City Color says:

I love your videos and your brushes I do wish you wouldn’t use so many mac products. Anyway we all have different opinions on that. Your makeup designs are gorgeous And I totally agree with you on kissing your kids.

Charlotte Watson says:

Have you been getting Botox nic?

ThatPoshBird says:

Hate how people sexualise kissing your kids on the lips, same with breastfeeding in public. They are perfectly natural and loving actions. People are sick in the head to make out either one is inappropriate.

MeganMarie says:

I thought Real Techniques was yours? Not just the designs but the whole thing? I’m confused

Lauren King says:

Love your videos so much, always such incredible make up. Also love your brushes i thought you owned them, but even so they are fab!

Niamh Gordon says:

Loved this look

Robin C-M says:

I can’t believe there was ever any controversy about that photo. I’d kiss my kids on the mouth, my nieces and nephews, and my dogs too! Lol

hdb80 says:

Everyone should kiss their babies.

Mrs Andy says:

So annoyingly cocky whenever she talks about Real Techniques. We get it: you guys are the ones promoting, picking designs etc for the brand. Just be more down to earth & friendly, stop acting so irritated. Unless you expect us to kiss you on the forehead every time you show a RT brush.

Jeanine Bell says:

The picture of Victoria kissing her daughter is only awkward because of the way her head is tilted. That being said, keep kissing those babies as long as they’ll let you. I’m fortunate that I’m 49 years old, my oldest daughter is 21 and she has always kissed me and hugged me, told me she loves me and has called me (and still does) “Mommy” in front of anyone. My middle daughter (14) and the baby daughter (12)….are the don’t touch me, look at me, act like you know me, comment on my posts or like my pictures kids.

Stephanie Holly says:

My mum and dad gave my sister and I kisses until we each reached about…. mmm… 11, I think, and I see nothing wrong with it. They’re your parents! It’s all about family and love, something this world is seriously lacking sometimes.

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