Hey guys! I decided to enter the NYX Face Awards Awards 2016 this year, AGAIN. Last year was a total fail and I thought it would be fun to do it again this year. This creepy mental patient makeup was the same makeup I wore in my Missy Music Video that comes out this friday so I thought it would be fun to recreate it for you all. I hope you like it! I love you all so much! Love Channon Rose

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Niamh Emily Doyle says:

mental patient makeup tutorial? really? how about AIDS makeup tutorial or cancer makeup tutorial next time? I seriously hope nyx doesn’t even consider you and they blackball you forever because this is just so stupid

Harley Quinn says:

I have a lot of favorite you tubers but your my all time favorite Channon

Amanda Mueller says:

I don’t think at any point she said “this is how every mental patient looks”…people need to calm down.

Star Woods says:

Personally, I feel like you should have gone for a more pale and sickly look, but this is still a really good makeup tutorial! Good job Channon!!!!!

xxxlonelywolfxxx says:

You didn’t even use/name nyx products so how do you think you are going to win???? Plus this is so basic, with not enough detail to get you into the first round. It’s not realistic or creepy like you tried to be, and anyone can do this, which isn’t the point of the competition. I also don’t think this was very original or creative. Congrats on your loss of the competition

Melania MoneyPenny says:


Jenny 06 says:

omg she is so pretty even WITHOUT makeup

Amaris Nyokas says:

You have amazing cheek bones

Phoebe Grant says:

why did the girl go to the mental hospital instead of a real hospital from the dads girlfriend hurt her

ronnie says:

Gerard Way would be proud.

MissyMUA says:

I have been to mental hospitals and this is nothing like the real thing. Look at people with mental illnesses as people, not as halloween costumes.

Nicole Radic says:

Channon! Where can I get this straight jacket? I’m wanting to be this for Halloween 🙂

Chunky Glitter says:

If you’re offended, keep in mind that by mentally ill she means psychotic here, like murderer or genuinely scary crazy person.

Mariah Daynell says:

she used to be in one of the hospitals so i think its less offensive(she said the in a story time right?) lol and obviously she’s portraying like a “scary movie crazy patient” like chill hate theirs soon many dislikes

Julia Schaurig says:

turning peoples mental illnesses into something fun to dress up as and do as makeup is disgusting. would you also do a cancer patient makeup? no? mental illnesses is a serious thing and not something to joke about.

Helen Oakley says:

people are getting offended by makeup tutorials now…

tapanga urban says:

I’m doing this for Halloween ❤️

Extra Small Doll says:

Fail AF

Anastasia Nasturro says:

Shit, I’d probably wear this look to the clubs lol. Then again I am a bit mental. This video is not offensive at all. Too many butthurt people in the world today.

Jessica says:


LUCY's a Savage says:

is anything you used even nyx

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