Makeup Tutorial III Social Repose

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Fixx Official says:

what do you use for your lips??

Phil's eye lash says:

video starts at 2:28

Lily Cytryndor says:


MsCookiecola says:

Is this whole video just for promoting a game? I wanted to know how he puts that outfit on. -.-

McClron Thomas says:

holy shit, he’s handsome *.*

Natalia Moreau says:

i love you your amazing

Jack The Killer says:

i dont know why i watch this. it is entertaining but i dont do make up im a guy…. not that there is anything wrong with that… okay maybe i didnt exactly voice this well. yes i could delete everything and start over but i dont care. I dont think i need makeup soo yeah but it is interesting seeing other people doing. i dont know why im writing this comment but i am.

malcom 1466 says:


Og katie msp says:

You look really creepy

Fixx Official says:

how often do you have to buy new sclera lenses? Do you have to wear a different pair each day???

LucyIsNotOnChairs says:

For anyone who’s thinking of buying lenses, please Check with your eye doctor first, as sometimes the lenses are too small and suffocate the eyes which results in an eye infection.

Katie Gilliam says:

My cousin Kira she is obsessed with black and so she has the cat Von d liquid lipstick

OutcastCarcrash says:

the sclera lenses are bomb but they look like they hurt like a bitch

the cure for cancer says:

You do this for every video?


Alba Baumgardner says:

That ‘ad’ in the middle tho

Layla. H says:

What did I just watch

Otaku Love says:

Hey man, as a person who wears eyeliner as a life source (specifically waterline) try using “Silkissine traceur yeux” it’s by Loreal made in Germany. It goes on super easy, really dark, and its pretty cheap :3

Belalai Pagi80 says:

u look like black metal gay band

The Graceful Flying Turtle says:

The tutorial begins at 2:58 if you on’t care about the game

Hailo Eilers says:

Not tryin to hate buh u cute without that makeup but do whatever u want to do

sweet patato90 says:

omg i dont want to judge you but i need to say : why would you do this wtf

Tessa Hamann says:

Lol I am not a peasant

It's Ye Boi A says:

Omg thank goodness I thought he tattooed his eyeball *feeling* relieved

Space Frog says:

has anyone ever told you that you look like a cunt?

Silas Couch says:

what do you mean pest with Androids loser

Lily Cytryndor says:

WOW u are so HANDSOME,without make-up you should be my,daily’ husband,but with it you should be my ,not daily’husband,oh my god 😀 <3

Blocksy10 parkour says:


Mckenzie Smith says:

” It got sparkles.” i don’t know why but i laughed so hard when he said

Fay Morris says:

can’t believe he called people with android phones peasants, Android is better than iphines

Rebekah Lanee says:

Can you see normally with those lenses

Quinn Hannah says:

you’re hot

Quinn Hannah says:

jk ur a weirdo

Teneshea Lundy says:

your cute without the makeup!

CliqueOfTheSkeleton says:

Hes so funny! It is just so hillarious. xD Idek why but to me it is just so funny xD

Baby Pie says:

he’s cute without makeup

Crazy Dark Angel says:

I imagine you like walking around naked after a video XD

Dionne Clelland says:

I have to agree you do look better without the make up D:

I showed my friend you without makeup and he said you are the most attractive man in the world then i showed him you with make up and he said ” I take that back ”

This isn’t meaning to sound bad… i hate sounding bad, i hope you take it as a complement some how 🙂

Olivia says:

Ive just come across this channel about 20 minutes ago. Can anybody tell me why he dresses up like this? I find it rly interesting

Nikita Mazoomdar says:

well its no problem worrying what to be for halloween for him he can just be himself its already scary enough…….

Liss Schmidt says:

Can some one give me the link to the wig he wears

100 000 subsribers without videos challenge says:


Belalai Pagi80 says:


the cure for cancer says:

define “peasants” before I get on your dollar store fedora

xMergi says:


Its Ya Boi Rice says:

he looks way better without all the makeup and stuff

Kate Hollingsworth says:

You have a really pretty eye color

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