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Willa Blue says:

We don’t care what you post about we just love to watch your video your awesome

sarah rotella says:


Tasha Sharpe says:

you’re really not very good at makeup bunny. ahahah that’s terriblee!

rabbit2918 says:

I agree bunny you look great with or without make up. your eyes really do pop even more with that color eyeliner. Wow they are such a beautiful blue color.

Poppin Madi says:

Ur eyes are so pretty

Scarlet Nusser says:

I love bunnys intro to her makeup tutorial because the girls who make makeup tutorials try to look sexy and seductive but not bunny

enk989 says:

samesies with the fallout !! how do they do it?!!!

Lina Omar says:


Andrea Derosier says:

I seriously can not believe you support Jeffree Starr! This is so disappointing and actually reflects on YOU as a person! #unsubscribed

sue tucker says:

You need to do a face care video

Klea Zguri says:

her eyes look so cool

ren! ! says:

u said probably snot in the video lol!!! XD

Vanessa Cervantes says:


crafted fragments. says:

I earnestly hope that Bunny takes a stand about Jeffree Star… with her platform & her large following, she could truly do some good. I know they are friends, but nothing justifies being so mean. he is irresponsible with his platform & for someone who “promotes” acceptance, his words & actions don’t match up. Bunny’s message is all about love & speaks out against bullies…I just really hope she takes advantage of her platform & uses this as an opportunity to learn from the situation & move toward a kinder world. love you Bunny, thank you for fighting for us every day ❤️

kelly Fangirl says:

I looooove her blue eyes!!!!!!

Jasmin Tighe says:

Do a q and a xx

Colour Your World says:

Pls do more tutorials

PajamaMama says:

Not hating, but I’m genuinely curious as to how she got the opportunity to create her own pallet??? Am I missing something?

Sarah Catherine says:

“It’s good enough for me and I enjoy doing it.”
More people should think like you. That’s a really good outlook on things

Sharon says:

Whatever happened to you doing makeup with your own pallet?

Willa Blue says:

You look like Lara lee

JaelynnTalks says:

I love her!

Mrs.Eazy-E says:

you have the brightest bluest eyes that I probably ever seen

Kaylynn Crawford says:

I never do full-face makeup but I love watching makeup tutorials, especially by Bunny. They’re relaxing for me somehow

ForevaLaTrelle says:

How are her eyes so blue and pretty?!!? Life is not fair

Carla van Zyl says:

She’s very good at what she does

Tabitha Runk says:

I NEED YOU TO DO MORE OF THESE! Only bunny does makeup like bunny. This guy is right.

Sharyn Clark says:


Dareece253 says:

You have beautiful eyes. I love your videos because your are so free spirited.

Sommer Palmer says:

do more tutorials with the swamp queen palette 🙁

Jayne Slater says:

is opposite day a real thing

Aska Mardulka says:

omg. without make up u r basically a different person. u r sucha freak!:)

Katy Kat Playz says:

the words “probrably snot” made me die!!!!!!

Isabella De Alba says:

I’m sorry I think she’s funny but I don’t understand how she has a make up palette with a huge company when she cant do make up lol

Garilyn Houghton says:

i am sooo sad, you haven’t uploaded a tutorial using your swamp queen palette 🙁 🙁 🙁 i love you Bunny!!!!!!

Princess Peach says:

Still better than amy slaton

FullMetalDeathNote27 says:

With recently learning about Jeffree’s horrid behavior I Honestly don’t understand why Bunny would support someone like him.

Abby Elliott says:

dear bunny play Roblox make DIYs do something Sports

Kav Linden says:

I would love to see more of these. Have you tried the ABH Modern Renaissance palette? It’s amazing.

Shae Perez says:

do you use the lash glue that comes in the vegas nay pack or do you use something else???

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