Make Your Face Great Again Makeup Tutorial

Ready for the latest beauty trend? This trick will make your face great again! #Trumping

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Starring and Written by:
Tess Paras (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)


Jennifer Argenti says:


Arlene Luciano says:

Nailed it girl! Loved the concealer, the chapped lips and of course the Cheetos!

Virginia Loer says:

You have to add the long stick-on bushy, ungroomed brows

Too Cool Fur School Animals says:

This video is going to be YYYUUUGGGEE. The best video on YouTube, that’s what everyone said. The best video, I garauntee it. Anyone who disagrees is WRONNNGG

Tn2228 says:

This video was awful Trump is number one he’s a good Christian man you should be glad that he’s our president

Debbie Metke says:

Love it! You’re hiliarious!

Susan Silverman says:

How about a Kellyane Conway makeover?

Supermadison1123 says:

Omg it actually looks exactly like him!!!!

Crossing Guardians says:

Unbelievably funny!!!

Bill Cirino says:

Lol…. brilliant!

Groove Journey says:

cool one !

HakWilliams says:

“who’s david duke! ” LOL.

paulsscooter says:

YOur so funny, I wet my PJ’s. Even with all the horrible stuff on your face your still beautiful, will you marry me?
signed, your future husband, Paul ( an avid trump hatter )

Jim P says:

Can you use the crunchy type of Cheetos or does it have to be the puffy ones?

Web Admin says:

This is amazing. Tess is my hero!!

Donavin Pettus says:

started off funny crashed at the end.

Lynsey Jones says:

I think Trumping is the best trend ever and I think you do it best!  MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!  And please some KELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!

The gang The gang says:


Tamy Lockhart says:

SHe is brilliant

Pam Wright says:

BRILLIANT! Thanks for the belly-laugh!

Jennifer D. says:

Girl you crazy. Love it.

blackflagqwerty says:

That face at 1:41

Rascalndear1 says:

That is tooooo much! Thanks! Laughter is the best medicine… and the best weapon.

Gizelle Bushey says:


Razorbackfan1982 says:

this is so original… please make more that I won’t watch… yawn

Lacey Noel says:

Amazing!!! Wish I would have thought of it first lol.

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