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Carolina Spinelli says:

that is why I want a daughter

Alyssa Gonzales says:

Miss monkey reminds me of myself

Veronica Burnett says:


Scarlett Johnson says:

Get ready

Ava Sawka says:

Glitter and highlight is not the same

coastallp74 says:

Are you Heebs?  Do you know how many Jews are on the television?  Yes, all of them!  I’ve never seen so many monster beaks. And they do that side way turn to let you know that Joshua is on the tube!

Lara Dutra says:

how to blend in the Unicorn snot

hwang minhuyn says:

ôi mỳ gói

American Girls says:

Why makeup i did one on my mom

Martha Cazarez says:

That was so good but papa bee should do mama bees make up #eh bee family

Ems Animals says:

How old are you? (The little girl)

Golden Rush says:

The mom says yo and getto stuff

Pang Xiong says:

I don’t what to lie hurt your feelings but I don’t like it at all

Mel Ordona says:

Where’s Mister monkey

lexx the sixth says:

I. like. your. videos. I. ores. watch. dem

amadrunner says:

The breaking of the rules is killing me lol.

Flora Barnes says:

Why is she called miss monkey

Ocean Hamber says:

I loved it can you do more Miss monkey?????????

Brianna Mohan says:

She is so lucky to get to do her mothers makeup my mom would never let me do that

Vanshika Sharma says:

She did a good job with the eyebrowse

Attalie Moller says:

can miss monkey do my makeup?

Madison George says:

You guys were a little bit mean

The Page Show says:

Wow great job! Your gonna be a professional makeup artist when you grow up and I’m the same age as you and your better than me at putting on makeup :3

Cynthia Lopez says:

when did miss.monky get her ear pirs because i got mine on sunday

EG Gamble says:

look normal mama b secretly dead inside

Tyrone Agliotti says:

What is miss monkeys real name?

Marbella Berber says:

mama bee looks awesome

ahren malone says:

lee jon i did

P. ENM says:

monkey is so gorgeous

Robyn Conway says:

It’s not Miss monkey it’s Miss makeup

Steve S says:

How old is miss monkey

Vlog Army says:


Belle16 says:

make up or squishies

Hirma Cuataneta says:


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