Salam , hi guys ! wondering if what look you should do for raya ? Kate and i can help ! This makeup tutorial is so beginner friendly and affordable , easy to achieve in a short time during pagi raya! hope you enjoyed this makeup tuto! goodluck and Selamat Hari Raya in advance ! xoxo


Kate Snow Skin CC Base
Kate Powdery Mousse BB
Kate Designing Eyebrow
Kate Forming Edge Eyes
Kate Digital Memory Liner
Kate V Long Lash
Kate Slim Create Powder
Kate Cheek Color
Kate Tokyo Smooth Color Rouge Lipstick in RD-1

|| KATE ||

instagram – @katemalaysia

|| MUSIC ||

|| MORE ||

*contact lens – Freshlook in Gray
* camera – Canon EOS 1100D
* Edited with – iMovie
* Vimeo – https://vimeo.com/putreeo
* Instagram – @putreeo
* Tumblr – http://putreeo.tumblr.com/
*Snapchat – putreeo


saidatiNur says:

that mousse bb macam best jee

Rvvn _ says:

Hyeee can u make tutorial yg shawl you pakai tu

nhamizahm 25 says:

what material is that shawl you pakai?

Farzana Amin says:

hi boleh tak sis buat tutorial yg shawl sis pakai tu?

Ailany Zabidin says:

Is Kate cruelty free?

Hazy Kim says:

May I ask, the background music is really cool and I wonder how did you get a permission from the owner? I’m really curious. Did you contacted him personally?

Khairul Nayan says:


syazzlianarusshahir russhahir says:

sis wat tutorial shawl pink nih ! Pleaseeeee

mia00 ari_ says:

what concealer did you use?

iman aryanie rahmat says:

fyi kate uses lard in some of their products.so…

Farahin Esa says:

Wahhh cantiknyeee…… T_T nak gak tantekk cam awak….

Khairul Nayan says:

putterio cantik tak pakai makeup pin dah comel

yu me says:


Syafiqah Zahari says:

where i can get the kate eyeliner?

lawrence az says:

Ya allah thank you so much for video because hari Raya is coming up.i love this video so much

mymonster jam says:

Is this a sponsor video?

li ot says:

sekali imbas tengok macam lisa surihani -,- lol

imourdex hq says:

How to contact you for a health drink product review? I’m selling imourdex milk goat cereal and still searching for our review faces. Please whatsapp 01132945531 if youre interested! Thanks xoxo

MDS TV enlign says:

good mek up I like it

Suri Chemat says:

Same I have huge pores! I will find that cc cream and I’m going to buy it and I’m going to use the heck out of it!

Nurzaireen Ahmad says:

Rasa menggigil tangan nak g beli eyeshadow pallete tuuuu..omg tergodanya

asdfghjkloser says:

Btw, nice tutorial!

Nurul Aman says:

Buat vlog di Amman, Jordan kak! Teringin nak tengok suasana kat sana >< ~

Langit Lazuli says:

Awak mesti ada campur pakistan kan?

Aishah Nurfitri says:


Fazryn Zaifuddin says:

This is sooooo good! Thank you

yeah well I'm hungry says:

fivety five hahaha

SSBMA1994 says:

we are living in oven! Lol! so is SG 😛

chocolate marbless says:


Ms El says:

idola . haha

SSBMA1994 says:

btw, can I ask u a question? Like as a makeup lover, how often do you reapply your nake up or do touch up? Especially as a muslim who needs to pray 5 times a day, do you like wash your entire makeup off before taking wudhu or how? I am also experimenting with make up tapi kadang2 rase paiseh jgk bila masuk masjid pakai make up for some reason. And I am soo lazy to do touch up, so if make up, so if I applied make up and and it fades ans tge day goes on, I just ignore it psl tk kuase. I use to do make up just as a fun hoby, but nowbecause of certain things I have a lot of acne marks/ skin discolourations, I just cannot leave the house without wearing something to cover it up because I dont like people looking at it. And I find concelaing dark brownish black marks hard, like concealing is not that easy. Like I have to dab it but I cant dab too much otherwise its not concealing enough, yet if dont dab ot and blend it it looks so weird like my skin has random circle patches around my face :S Can u do a video just on concealer?

thanks much, live ure videos 🙂

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