Leap Year Two-Faced Makeup Tutorial

This week I celebrated this Leap Year with a two-faced makeup tutorial!

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OUTRO SONG: Bring Back The Funk – PrototypeRaptor (used with permission)

Additional music by:

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Veronica Drake says:

This was a real leap of faith

Chara says:

I wish I had an extra video from you this week

Kayana Celestin says:

Ben!! I’m a huge fan and i loved you’re music video Little game, i was wondering if you’d make another one since you are really musically talented and i loved the genre of your last song.

Autumn Jade Russo says:

I want an extra life.

Mason Parke says:

i want to kiss his face

philocaaly says:

hmm kinda afraid to actually comment bc hoe i’ve been watching like 13 videos in a row now and i dont wanna be THAT person………………. but well sometimes u gotta do what u gotta do

Zekromz1 says:

this background music is bumping

Janessa Simpson t says:

My best friend’s sister’s teacher turned 7 years old this year

Sophie Ashworth says:

I’d have an extra.. wenis

Roberto Zepeda says:

I’m new here but I’m staying, Ben is fine as hell

Charmaine Milner says:

how old are you?

Nadia Keaton says:


The Panda Named Amanda says:

-thats actually awesome tho-

Julian Jacobs says:

I already have enough faces, though…?

Lurrur says:

I’ve got two faces, blurry’s the one I’m not <3

jesusoup says:

‘ _disgusting, glamorous, unemployed_ ‘
wow it’s me

amazingdanonfire says:

i thought your profile picture was joe jonas

emma says:

fun fact: there are 365.25 days in a year and that’s why we have a leap year cause of the annoying little .25

Margles says:

I want an extra dog. ._.

jomana says:

i though he painted his face so that he would look like shrek oh

gw ; says:

im crYING

Lun says:


All Time Disaster says:

An extra heart. I’m going all out Doctor Who.

Tora Knutsson says:

definitely an extra heart x

Ur Mum says:

Keep it clean kids °3°

stinky potato says:


M Suszynski says:

lov the gemini makeup

MoreKatrina says:

This was such a LEAP

Arieana Josephine says:

Ben where’s this week’s video?

Kylee Marie says:

I’m so confused

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