It 2017 – Pennywise Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Pennywise from It 2017 is finally here! In this episode we show you how to create the horrific clown Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT. The tutorial includes guides on how to create strange ears, a big wide nose and even those nasty, sharp front teeth. The It 2017 – Pennywise Halloween Makeup Tutorial turns you into one of history’s most feared clowns, and it’s quite simple to achieve. And no kids have to disappear for real in the process hehe.

If this It 2017 – Pennywise Halloween Makeup Tutorial isn’t the clown for you, feel free to check out all our other clown tutorials. A full series of nasty creations awaits!

Tutorial background music by Ellimacs SFX
Intro music by Epidemic Sound, find the tracks here:

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For more Ellimacs SFX madness:


Melissa Brooks says:

ur as good as @KatSkatch

Diane M. says:

It was soooo good ! I would have loved some pranks with that one but anyway, beautiful realisation !

Amberlyn Cowens says:

This is amazing !!! And terrifying !!!

Luke Cooper says:


Awesome Artist says:

I love pennywise

Jamesxsamurai says:

Imagine seeing this at 3:00am outside of your house

Jazlynn Westbrook says:

Should’ve did the original pennywise

Mr. RedPanda says:

First off I love how the finished look turned out. It was amazing!! And I think it would be awesome if you guys did the nun from The Conjuring 2.

Josiah Wells says:

at 4:40 she looks like an evil elf

Essence Sukurua says:

O thats a girl I thought that was a guy well that’s awkward

Mattis Life says:

Vart kan man köpa en sådan latex. Har haft många med de är alltid irriterande för ögonen.

Berroda son says:

Fuck, pennywise with a serious case of terminal cancer

Lizardtale says:

Can you do pale man from Pan’s Labyrinth?

Amelia Shippey says:

England is My City

Tk5869 says:

Amazing job. But those fingernaiiiiiiiiils…..

줴다 says:

이여자 얼굴이 좀 바뀐거긋네

Agos Pacheco says:

Omg this is cool

Ashley Bosworth says:

This came out sooooo good!!!!

Luke Cooper says:

It’s rubbish

The Geekdom says:

Pleeaaaase do the dagdamore from the shannarah chronicles tv series! Like do they will see

Juan Flores says:

Can u do an outlast 2 makeup

Hammadart says:

Omg thank you for the shout out ❤❤❤❤

Brandy Mcvey says:

What kind of cream paint do u use?

Mr Potato Pug says:

I thought the thumbnail was an actual poster for the movie. Good job on the makeup!


I’m in love with Elli.

And Macs is way funny! 🙂

Traniya Hayes says:

Wasn’t Ellie pregnant?

Alexis Acevedo says:


Herestia says:

It’s amazing how young is Elli without the makeup!! o_o She looks much older!!

Melissa Brooks says:

Kat sketch

Blub The Watermelon says:

Where do you guys buy the hairspray???

Benjamin Oxendine says:

Please do leatherface

Juan Flores says:

One of the best Pennywise make ups I’ve seen

Lydia Roxburgh says:

Me: Hates clowns
Also me: Loves Ellimacs

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