Instagram “Baddie” Inspired Makeup Tutorial | Mackenzie Davis

This video is an Instagram “Baddie” Inspired Makeup Tutorial. These “baddies” usually have bold eyebrows, bold liner, nude lips, and a poppin’ highlighter. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Click the subscribe button for more videos every Friday! Lurk my other social medias: Instagram: @ballerinamackenzie @raddestredhead Twitter: @raddestredhead_ Younow: @raddestredhead Snapchat: @kenzers247 Other videos to check out: previous video: contouring&highlighting video:


Moon says:

TBH I love Mckenzie and all but her eyebrows are a no. I love the way she does them now. But the rest of her makeup is poppin slay girl

Brigituks Faustuks says:

your nails are disgusting!!!!!!!EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!

Lindsay Alcantara says:

Thats not even a good highlighter it needs more glow

maya brown says:

that was AMAZING

Julianne Robertson says:

do a brow vid!! I’m a ginger and need help af

Lindsay Alcantara says:

And pigment

saltygianna says:

okay, I’m about to beat everyone’s ass. “omg! she’s 13 and acting bad! where is her mother?” this is an INSPIRED “baddie” makeup tutorial. she never said she was “bad.” who cares if she’s “too young”? she likes it, and it’s fun. last time I checked, makeup has no age limits. I started wearing makeup at age 11. people start wearing makeup even older. it’s just your point of view on things.

tree renee says:

She looks so innocent not like a baddie but ¯_(ツ)_/¯

megella says:


xperblgxx x says:

I’m not trying to be Rude tho but those eyebrows will One day Fly away

Morgan McCarthy says:

OMG your so pretty and I love watching your videos they make me laugh and smile

Erica Brown says:

I’ve been doing my makeup for years and I’ve never been able to get my wing to come out that good

Laura wildlife says:

she looks 20

Mya Martinez says:


Shannon & Chloe says:

How old is Mackenzie

Maya Johnsen says:

That is not a beauty blender

neely y says:

How old is she

Ava Gawronski says:

its funny how redheads always get shit for trying to keep up w/ makeup trends lmfao

Margaret McDonnell says:

Lol did she even moisturize

Slayy beanss says:

do a full face using my moms makeup challenge & if your mom doesn’t wear makeup then can you please do a sister swap , which means you put your style on your sister & Your sister put her style on u

Calie G says:

YOUR. MAKEUP. IS. BAD. everyone is lying to you please blend more, use primers, wash your brushes and learn technique!! you look like you’re spreading random stuff on your face ohhh myyy godddddd

Aggeliki mcu says:

your eyes slay my whole existence

Athina Rikos says:

we have the same mascara

Slayy beanss says:

contour was kinda muddy

DanceVEVO says:

Do a dance tutorial

ballerina yissel says:

u look so pretty ily

DeRp FaCe GiRl says:

She’s so beautiful with or without makeup

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