I Tried Following Jaclyn Hill’s FIRST Makeup Tutorial

Hey loves! I just can’t get enough of these videos! They are SOOO fun to make! 🙂 I decided to put a twist on the challenge, so I tried following Jaclyn Hill’s FIRST Makeup Tutorial! I hope you guys like it! I love you all SO much! xoxo

●Jaclyn Hill: https://www.youtube.com/user/Jaclynhill1

●I Tried Following a KathleenLights Makeup Tutorial: https://youtu.be/bqC9jYS0fPE

●I Tried Following a Casey Holmes Makeup Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pf4Y2KGTiXc&t=83s

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jacqueline80joyce says:

i am in youtube for 3 and a half years now and im starting to get really discouraged of how i am not growing.. im starting to be insecure bec maybe only young girls can join or skinnier girls…
i tried to fit in but i never grow… i love doing make up but i feel like i cant grow… im really starting to be depressed

Maricarmen Arce Ochoa says:

I love it, big big thumbs up. You look divine ❤❤❤❤

Sophie Czudner says:

This makeup actually looks amazing on you!!

Rachel Gonzalez says:

I love your videos! I’m so glad I found your channel!! Also these videos are awesome!

Carolina Navas says:

OMG, she looks like a different person! And I love you!

Kristen Prusak says:

What brush were you using for your eyeliner?? It looks perfect!

Laura B. says:

This was awesome Allie. I’m a new subscriber and you are definitely a breath of fresh air in the beauty community. 🙂

Syd O. says:

Fun video! I liked that you went old school with this one. Super fun!

Anna Karim says:

I think the make up look really screams 2010

Brooks2beautyxo XoXo says:

I love these videos! Please do another Kathleen lights one!

Please check out my newest video

Julia Zöltzer says:

It’s funny, but I think that I could watch a thousand more of those „I recreated a ___ makeup look“-videos… it’s so interesting to see 1.that everyone still can learn something 2. that many products work similar 3. in this special case: how youtubers evolve. Jaclyn will be so overwhelmed by this video. I’m sure she’ll watch it and‘ll be totally humbled that you did such a tribute to her. (Sorry for my English, it’s not my mother tongue). She has come such a long way and no matter if you like her ir not, she is one of the best make up youtubers in the world and she surely knows what she’s doing- even back in the day of 2011. And what a better way to show the progress she made by using the jaclyn hill x morphe palette? Allie, I really enjoyed that video as it was such a nice way to show respect to another youtuber. It was a great idea and I’m sure that there will now be others who will recreate first videos of other youtubers!

Lin Binz says:

I stopped watching JH, she’s way over the top for me, but you were wonderful!

cassiex3babyeee says:


Glenda Molina says:

I stopped looking for new beauty gurus because there is so many out there and they are so similar sometimes BUT you are (I’m totally stealing this from someone else in the comments because it’s the perfect way to describe it ) a breath of fresh air! Keep doing your thing! Subscriber for life ☺️

Sara Graham says:

yeah you did Jaclyn’s make up. Love it so much

Muneca x13 says:

I love these

Ghaidaa F. says:

Follow your first makeup tutorial. I think this would be cool if you do it

Rachel Rheinecker says:

These videos are so fun. I really hope you keep doing them!

OliviaTakesFlights says:

What is the brush you are using to apply the gel liner ???? I can never find one I like!

Maia Widger says:

Love this video. You are amazing and so talented

Irasema Yanez says:

i remember watching her videos and being so inspired to better my makeup skills. she would explain everything in detail i lovED it! now im not subscribed to her =(

Simone Cameron says:

Enjoyed the video…and wow…younger Jaclyn…I’ve never seen her earlier videos!

Tiffany Byram says:

Love love love!

Drea Bee says:

Stunning! She is a actual makeup artist, that’s the difference! I’m not trying to be offensive. You have skill xx

Amber Veihl says:

Loved this!!

Wilma Olsson says:

Loved this!!!

rylee levine says:

what eyeliner brush do you use?! its so small and perfect

Siti Juwairiyah says:

Subscribed ❤️

thirdtimesatime says:

i always watch a tutorial two or three times before ever attempting!!
doing tutorial in real time = true bravery lol
great vids 🙂

Ashleigh R says:

I found you from your kathleenlights video, and you have a new subscriber! Your personality is so refreshing.

Josefine Jansen says:

How does this magic work?? why do you always look so much better than the person you’re following step by step with their make up??❤❤

amy fletcher says:

That was a good one. Liked the way she did the wing. Not thrilled with the shade of pink..too bright…lol

Jessie Braun says:

I absolutely love that you decided to do her first video, that is such a good twist on the video idea.

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