I tried to follow a Nikkietutorials makeup tutorial.. y’all it was hard
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The makeup tutorial I followed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ui54U6BxlWY

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Amber Zook says:

You did amazing, actually, and it looks fantastic. I don’t think you could scare anyone away. It looks so pretty.

MilanaBebii says:

It looks really good girl <3

Hannah Joseph says:

I thought your headband were devil horns so it was a bit creepy with the makeup look. You did a great job!

Imaan Jacobs says:

I love you so much!!!

Alexia Soto says:

I feel you should have putted like an entire outfit yo see how you would Style that makeup, it looks super good on you 😀

Chris Bullock says:

Why follow somwe one elses? Go with what you are comfortable with since you are the one wearing it

gabriela l says:

i love your facial expressions throughout this video

Mrs _5sos says:

But u look good!!!

DanielaGonzalez says:

your makeup came out so pretty!! please turn this into a series!

Aida says:

But it looks so good? Not scary at all lmao

VIKYSEK1987 says:

You look way way better than Nikkie does with this type of make up. Just stick with your original eye color 😉

Sofi's Space says:


Lilly Fuentes says:

You should follow one of Adelaine Morin’s makeup tutorials!

pankay4 says:

Where’d you get the headband?!

M Jiaqi says:

You looked so pretty!

RedhairedBallerina says:

I think it looks good – honestly your eyecolour is so good for every single eye look, I think this actually suits your eyes more than blue/grey eyes. (And on that note – where are your lenses from? I love this scary/badass colour to wear with my smokey looks, but my favourite ones were discontinued :/ ) I personaly don’t like dark lips for valentine/date tutorials because then I’m less likely to get kissed 😀 I love Nikkie but can rarely do her looks because I don’t have nearly enough lid space (my eyes are somewhat hooded), so I just adapt it to my face, which makes it look different, but alright 🙂 maybe I’ll try to recreate this one <3

Tina L. says:

I dont know what u talk about, the look looks boooommb

miilenag says:

Pleeease make it a series

Shilo Bennington says:

You look good! Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Brooke Clark says:

It actually turned out really really pretty! I did a soft makeup look on my channel for Valentines. Completely different from this! lol

Mimi miya says:

well done mia love it <3

Isa Caceres says:

Okay but this was amazing and also the thumbnail is cute af!

lily Barr says:

Pretty look, I like it you did great.

Nujin Hamo says:

It’s really pretty❤️

Alondra Huerta says:

Become this a series!! And girl you killed it! Obviously it’s never gonna come out the same but your eye look definitely looks stunning! ❤️❤️

Valentina Iron says:

I think you slayed mia!! You look beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

Mona Campbell says:

You’re adorable!

Elocin Violet says:

but you look great! There are times you actually look like Julianne Hough especially when you had those contacts on.

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