HI SISTERS! A hilarious trend has been circulating the makeup world recently where people try and follow beauty guru’s tutorials in order to get ready. I was BLESSED with the queen herself, Jenna Marbles, following one of my tutorials, so I thought it was only right to follow one of hers in return. From 7 years ago. Enjoy.

JENNA’S VIDEO » https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TzP676lbUY
Thomas Halbert » https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDxqbU-guS0

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Michael Rusakov


Charli TheUnicorn says:

Ok, so I know I’m late to the party, I just have to say back then a lot of the techniques and stuff we use today wasn’t that wide known or consider pro only. Also trends change and I’m glad they do, because me and full coverage don’t work (like you said my skin cries with that stuff). That said, I’m so impressed with how you handle and did this; instead of complaining you gave helpful hints and an optimistic opinion. I love Jenna, I’ve been a fan of hers since the beginning and when I saw the video mentioning you on her channel I had to have a looksie.
Lemmmeee just say: I love your channel and the aesthetic is so … I’m just feeling it… well that’s the end of my long ass comment that no one’s gonna read.

P.S: You do you beau, we all different and unique.

lena bean says:

You look good with black in your waterline.

Jackie & Jordan Steele says:

Y’all keep judging him and saying that he was saying what was “wrong” and what is “right” but that’s what does on his channel, he is a beauty Youtuber. He up loads videos to show people how to apply makeup and how to do looks. Yeah it was a challenge but he was still doing his job by teaching. I don’t think he was disrespectful at all. I think he was shocked at a lot of the stuff but he was young when these looks were “in”. This is also his personality if you don’t like him then stop watching and move on to something else, quit attacking him.

Wildfire Lovato says:

u should do a reaction video to her doing ur make up and also u should colab with her

Marissa Alexis says:

Why is he criticizing her? That’s really disappointing.

Bri G says:

No! Thomas didn’t start this trend!! Rachel Ballinger did!

Diantia Pinto Beans says:

James should do a nun makeup tutorial…. I like to see that.

Rhiannon says:

This is the best rendition I’ve seen! Honestly I love your reactions, your knowledge & tips added, and how you stayed true to her tutorial.

poeticlovestone says:

I haven’t laughed so hard in idk how long!

see says:

y’all have to understand that beauty vids on youtube were WAYYYY DIFFERENT in 2011. there’s a whole capitalistic-driven beauty industry now

Crystal Hyuga says:

I don’t usually watch BeauTubers all that often but I found your channel through Jenna and I really like your style.

A Rare Pepe says:

Omg yasssssssssss

Reeinki says:


Danielle N says:

He keeps forgetting that the video is from 2011 lol

Blahh Xx says:

what was the point of saying you were going to follow her video if you were just going to talk down on everything she did we all know you’re a beauty guru obviously the video was made way back then when all of these techniques weren’t around. we get you know how to do it correctly but thats not the point of the challenge you were just being a ass

Cloe Desautels says:

It looks cute though!

Shanice Lopez says:

I actually followed Jenna’s make up tutorial in 2011 when I was a tweeny high schooler and at the time (before beauty gurus were a major trend and life/face savers) it was a great look lol

jaquilin T says:

how do you become a beauty guru? is there like a school you go to?

maconwriter says:

He smiles despite the pain her tutorials are putting him through.

Sabrina Thurman says:

Ryland Adams ( aka Shane Dawson’s boyfriend ) followed your makeup tutorial

A l l y s o n E u g e n I o says:


Kaitlyn Grace says:

you also have to remember this was like 7 years ago

eerye70 says:

This was a fun video. Also I love Jenna’s video regarding what not to wear at the airport. Have a great day!

Miranda Lasagna says:

“Who does that??”
LMAO. I didn’t realize how much I needed this.

Superstar9922 says:

Jenna is such a cheap queen

Cecilia A says:

I feel like this is highkey shady towards her whereas she was genuinely trying to support you, maybe I’m misinterpreting

Alicia Potenza says:

Why can’t he just do the tutorial and not critique. It’s for fun, chill

James Charles says:


Kaitlynn M says:


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