I Tried Following A James Charles Makeup Tutorial

Here is James Charles’ original video of this Valentines Day look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e36sWuQR5zA

Also I’m super sorry for not saying it in this video but the creator of this trend is Thomas Halbert who did a Jeffree Star look originally, so big thanks to him for creating this.

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Simply Mom Life says:

Ohhh honey, you need lighter contour and girl blend blend blend. Lol

Nora Glass says:

You’re so adorable it hurts. Love you

Rebecca Kersh says:

I think the biggest issue is he used more pinky tones and she used redish tones

Ruby Red says:

Why was she saying sister can someone explain

mrschaplin17 says:

I love how you didn’t have any of the products he used. Also,
Do you have anymore ALMOND MIIIIILK-UH?

KawaiiFawnn says:

Jenna should collab with James!

kari harris says:

I mean, now you know how to make yourself look like a skeleton

Evanna Shan says:

What do you think?!
Simply nailogical Yass!

Autumn Summer Blossom says:

I love these kind of videos lmaoo

† Lєvι Ackerman † says:

Lookin’ like a snack

Jaiden Andrews says:

we love a valentines makeup queen

Danie Pement says:

At first I was hating on your look, but then I changed my mind. You go Glen Coco

Ashli Geran says:

You look like I could pay you $2 to suck my dick in the alley behind dominoes

Alanna Dawley says:

Are you going to join cirque du soleil now

theexcellent 27 says:

“Want to go to rite aid or sumthin”

Jade Rose says:

Tongue pops are gay culture.

Journey with Jules says:


Jimin’s squishy cheeks says:

*B R O T H E R*

Is Me says:

The tongue pop isnt a make up guru thing, its an emilia fart thing

Idkamakeup Watermeløn says:

Drag queens actually did the tongue pop, but now beauty gurus do it *cringe*

Lunieby ? says:

6:47 Jenna looks like mid-makeup application Trixie

Zahraa D says:

I was screaming the whole video with “ JENNA BLENDDDDDD” “Gurl you need some blending!!!”

Rocket Xmas says:


Skylar Porter says:

“mathematically its just a worm” LMAO GIRL WHAT

Heavenly Axis says:

i love how she shouts out ppl so sweet of her

Michelle Guajardo says:

Why does Jenna looks like one of the zombies from Michael Jacksons Thriller music video?

Xi Macham says:

GIRLLLLLLL you look like a ghost xx

Nick Zambuto says:

Just started my YouTube channel and uploaded my first vlog, help support me by liking and subscribe

BuckBucktheWookie33 says:

The eyes are really awesome but the contour needs to be blended more and have some soft blush added. Other than that I think it looks pretty good.

Cole Hartis says:

“This looks like an infection”

Christoph Wollesen says:

Is she channeling Ava as Charlene?!

Marena Canida says:

Jenna looks like she just walked out of a Tim Burton movie

Savannah Pfierman says:

Josh Dun is *quaking.*

Myrissa Flowers says:

You look hot, I don’t know where you would go but you look hot.

chromasphere says:

I love Jenna’s laugh and smile hdhsj

Mr Narwhal says:

Jenna looks like a Chinese Prostitute lol but still looking bomb as hell Jana love your vids

El Pgo says:


Renee Wanderer says:

Gurl Jenna I know how you feel with your skin. I’m only 18 years old and I already feel like I have that problem.. not necessarily wrinkles but with the problem of makeup not going on smoothly on my skin and like it just kind of sits weird.. it always ends up looking like it’s just like hovering over my face instead of actually being on it.. and nothing like sets in nicely. Also great job on your videos I freaking love them !

lily says:

4:08 “that i accidentally lit on fire one time”
seriously jenna what the fuck

Maddie Ignacia says:

James Charles is bae and so is you.

Dannon Taylor says:

she still looks like a snac

Emily Smith says:

This video was so pigmented

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