I Love Juicy Couture! Pink Leopard Print Makeup Tutorial

I’m doing another video with one of my top fav fragrance brands, Juicy Couture! I was so inspired by the cute bottle design and wanted to a look inspired by it including the pink cheetah print, the gold tones and diamontes!

-I Love Juicy Couture by Juicy Couture:
-Make Up Store Skin Serum
-Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer
-Dior Airflash Foundation
-Make Up Forever Aqua Brow
-Elizabeth Arden Illuminator Concealer Pen
-Too Faced Sketch Markers
-Eyeko Gold Liquid Liner
-Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara
-Velour Lashes Diamonte
-Elizabeth Arden Pure Finish Mineral Powder Foundation
-MAC Magnetic Appeal
-Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Luminous Flush Blush
-Elizabeth Arden Natural 06 Lipliner
-Elizabeth Arden Clear Lipgloss

Sponsored by Juicy Couture!


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essiebejb says:

I got a sample of this while buying something else and I actually really like it, it’s different from any other perfumes I usually use.

Sara David says:


Danielle Dwyer says:

you’re amazing!!!

Sarika Mohabir says:


Jessica Drogo says:

Lana del rey + Angelina Jolie = YOU.

chezza bee says:

the eyes look amazing ….x

ingrid3578 says:

I think Chloe’s the only one who I don’t mind doing a bunch of sponsored videos because she is so upfront and unashamed about it. There are SO MANY YOUTUBERS that do not say a fucking thing in their videos (not a SINGLE mention) but I smell it from a mile away and so I check their info box and I’m right 95% of the time. I feel sort of disgusted afterwards and I can’t help but trust them less and less. But I mean just because they hide it it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re lying about the product (maybe they feel judged whenever they do sponsored videos and don’t want to to deal with the negativity associated with it). But if you are a big youtuber reading this comment (lol very unlikely), trust me your subscribers would appreciate and respect you a million times more when you are upfront about sponsorships!!! Screw all those negative nancys who always have something bad to say! Your supporters matter much more than any of them!

Jacqueline Medina says:

So cute!!!!

Selvi Andriana says:

so talented…
love it girl

Laurette says:

You are gorgeous Chloe, I love you and your make up is perfect!

linhloves says:


Kaylee Odom says:

This look was really cool, but I think your skin looked absolutely gorgeous!! I might have to try the air flash

Ava Toth says:

Cute, fun and a pop of colour – love it <3!

Kristin Alford says:

Chloe you rock this look like no one else, I LOVE it <3 Your lips are ALWAYS so glossy (if you're not wearing a matte lip) and I just wanted to ask if you use that Elizabeth Arden all the time and if not what do you use? Can't wait to buy your palette :o) xox

Emma Jenkin says:

Chicka is that an engagement ring in your snaps??

S Alii says:

You have the cutest nose ever!

Yassmin Hassan says:


Emma Setiu says:

Omg I’ll be grateful if I ever got given anything, she’s just really lucky and she’s really damn good at her makeup tutorials keep doing you xx

S0cialRejects says:

This is super creative! I love it! X

Ewa Mucha says:

Chloe I love this look 🙂

anita xo says:

yassss chloe!!!

Tabassum Khatri says:

loved d lips

Raghad Alghamdi says:

i loooove this

Lucero Avalos says:

Who cares if she does sponsored videos I love her and she still acts herself in them anyways? ALSO juicy is a good brand if she was doing bad brands that’s something else

Miranda Osborne says:

Love the eyes!!! Would be super cool @ a festival too!

Nasima Begum says:

I <3 this look! Thinking out of the box there!


if you wanna e a hippie hang a flower on your pipi ♥

Dana Liz says:

omg chloe you look stunning! you come up with such original tutorials and i love it<3

Noa says:

Hello chloe! What is the name of the brush you’re using for powder, bronzer and blush?

Daniela Morsella says:

Does anyone know where Chloe’s earings are from? Love them !

Elena Cooper says:

So i started watching your videos not too long ago, and since, pretty much binge watched majority of them haha just wanted to say that you are not only beautiful, but just a chill af person. I cannot say this enough, how much i LOVE that you stand up for yourself on the comment section! Fuck yeah dude!

cz m8 says:

I LOVE it!!

Mimi L says:

This is cool (: I thought the eye makeup would be a sticker or something at first. So creative.
Would love to see a metallics tutorial, that gold eyeliner is amazing x

Ella Murphy says:

where did you get that foundation from Chloe

Gigi WarD says:


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