Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette Colourful MAKEUP TUTORIAL

HEY BABES!! Thought I would use the Huda Beauty Palette again but with the colourful shades this time :))

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Karlie Marlough says:

Love you so much Shani, but why do you always say that you’re going to have the products listed in the description when you never actually put it there?

Emma-Rose says:

Your amazing and my inspiration to make my YouTube channel

Kaylen Van Wyk says:

“You know how it is girrrl” hahahahaha

Andrea says:

I don’t really wear dramatic make up like this, I just click these vids because I LOVE shanis personality and it literally makes my day to watch her videos

princess loser says:

Shani you’re so beautiful and positive, your videos make me smile and your mood rubs off on me. Love you hope you’re doing well ❤️

Holly Greenwood says:

how can one be so beauuuuutiful <3 always slayinggg

Pumpkincake says:

I love that you incorporated a new products that you haven’t used in a video as much! Btw the makeup is really gorgeous Xx

poop ie says:

I’m always so jealous about how clean your skin looks. But when I look up the products you use and see the prices I give up. I mean I need food and I have to live somewhere. I can’t afford such expensive things. Could you make a video where you talk about affordable skincare?

Grace Phillips says:

How do you get your hair to stay so slick when tied up?? No baby hair? WOT HOW

Leena Kamel says:

So much of love ❤

Makeuplovax- says:

love how the eyeshadow turned out on you! you used the pallette like a pro unlike some people cough cough

Alyssa Langley says:

Can you do a Fenty beauty review/first impressions? xx

Tamsyn English says:

hey shani I just wanted to say how of an amazing person you are and you are my entire inspiration and the reason why I got into makeup! My name is Tamsyn and I’m 15. I absolutely adore makeup but I have struggled with my eyeshadow a lot. I have recently bought the two faced peach eyeshadow Palette and the bronze KYLIE Palette but I struggle a lot with blending and making the eyeshadow not look like I’ve been punched in the eye. hehehhehe. Do you have an tips or recommendations? would absolutely mean the world xx

Rita Simões says:

I love love your content but I’d just like to make an observation: I feel like you’re always complaining about having straight eyebrows but then fill them in in a way that makes them look sort of retangular, at least that’s what they look like in photos but not so much in your videos. I think maybe you should try shaping them or overdrawing them less on the bottom and maybe that could give a better illusion of an actual arch. Love you

Kassity Cairns says:

shani you’re gorgeous, can you please please do a get unready with me!!! xx

Heather Gonzalez says:

What shade are you using in the DB foundation hun?

Taylah Kirk says:

This is absolutely stunning x

Monique Dennett says:

What was that glove thing when you were cleansing?? Anyone know!!

Georgina Maher says:


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