How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup | Model Hacks and Tips

With all the endless products offered to us sometimes we get so dependent on them! As much as I love makeup I think it’s extremely important to also get comfortable with your self and your natural filter free beauty.
So excited to share my tips and hacks ive learned through the years from modelling and from trail and error that taught me how to always feel beautiful!



Lemon squeezer:

Coconut Oil:

Burts Bees cleanser:

Juice Beauty gel cleanser:

Farmacy exfoliator:

Tata Harper eye cream:

Tata Harper moisturizer:

Burts Bees lip balm:

Vitamix blender:

Rose Water:


Hend Elnady says:

Which color is your burt bees?

Pigeoneer Toy says:

Coconut oil is a no no for me! It’s very comedogenic. I don’t have acne or even pimples. I have combination skin (normal on the sides, T zone tends to shine later in the day) but I keep my skin clear and very smooth. However, if I put coconut oil I immediately notice some texture developing on my skin, as when your pores already took what they could absorb, and then some more, so they get clogged (despite having great skin). Maybe only some people with dry skin can put coconut oil on, but for many it is waaay too heavy and will cause break outs.

Elle Darling says:

I loved this! You made me laugh so many time! Thanks for the tips, definitely going to try the diy eye patches! Never seen that before!:)

Barbi Kvisz says:

So many great tips thank you !!!!

Yasmin Daoud says:

Tip 1: have a good jawline

Blue Streetlights says:

Holy shit! I don’t even know who you are and already… you’re gorgeous! And you seem so sweet!

who is brian says:

Difference is Im Ugly Ur PrEtty

B.K. Rasch says:

I’m learning about face shapes and how to frame my heart shaped face with hair and earrings. I noticed that you do a great job of framing your heart shaped face with longer/chunkier earrings to bring less attention to your forehead. 😉 How am I doing??

Aliah Sofea says:

I loveee your diffuser but unfortunately it doesnt ship to my country so i got the similar one from Lazada. Anyone with the same problem can try it ->

nominelbel says:

Coconut oil on lashes might not be good for people who wear contact lenses. They could try Aloe Vera Gel instead.

Alien Being says:

My body will never allow that much water into me. They just close my lungs saying, “OH heck nah.”

Matt D Wade says:

Literally have you tried GOLD BY GLOW 24K Gold Face Masks! So good for giving glowing radiant skin

Shada Essaily says:

U SO CUTE! thanks a lot for these amazing tips 🙂

Lyzah Ango says:

You dont need too much vit c. Your body will pee/poop out the excess anyways.

Galina says:

How do you keep your natural lip color so rosy?

Hasan Thakur says:

I love your nose

lihanam 786 says:

I’m 18 and she looks younger than me lol

Dark Sparkling says:

I wish everyone was like you because your a perfect role model society has really messed up with girls and teens around the world ! You’re a real true role model

Wendi Lynn says:

love this so much

Linh Dang says:

You’re adorable. thanks! Love the DIY eye patches.

Ida stenshøj grønnebæk says:

Where’s your beautiful sweater from?

Julies Dresscode says:

Amazing video my dear! you look so nice! Like! xoxo

Ashanti Windon says:

I love your videos there’s so helpful

Reese Karns says:

Shut up! You are not 27!

Ranja B Høgnesen says:

Omg I’m shook! You’re 27?! I thought you were like 18 or smthn..! You look absolutely amazing!

Horizons Onwards says:

You are beautiful!

Aysun Ispir says:

honest to god thought you were 15 or 16

urvangi shah says:

Why can I see a lipstick

Eka Gagelidze says:

Good job.. loved the video ♥️

Andreya Cates says:

Everytime I watch someone use an eyelash curler I’m like “AH! Be careful! Don’t rip your eyelid off ahhhhhh”

eben leben says:

Wow thats great that you do such a Video… I never weared make Up And i will Not.. but i feel good without any make Up. Most Important is Just to Take Care of the skin And the whole face 🙂

silvia joo says:

Please put a disclaimer that for pet owners, 90% of essential oils are toxic to dogs and cats.

Mrs Styles says:

You will fall in love with Korean beauty products! they are heaven on your skin!

Dharshini sweetz says:

It really works , oh my God it gives a good result ! I am so happy

Camille Fejgh says:

27?!?!?!? you look 19!!

Mrs Styles says:

Wow you talked just like the voice in my head when I meditated, thanks for the advices I will put them into practice for sure.

Stephanie Mitchell says:

Omg, her personality! So much swagger, so much cute. xDDD

Hannah Louise Music says:

OMG just found your channel and I love you hahaha. Subscribed xx

Katherine Karen says:

How to look beautiful without makeup… Skincare, skincare, skincare! Beauty sleep and sunscreen!!

Mariana Poleo says:

I really liked the video But I don’t think you should wear oils in any hairs for going out because hot or sun will burn the hair. Oils whit hot will do exact the same thing that does with food… cook it

dollly_unaykorn says:

You look so cute and magical 😀 omg ur so pretty

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