How to Get a Natural Dewy Look ❤️ || No Makeup-Makeup Tutorial!

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My Name : Amanda or Mandy (which ever you would like to call me)

Camcorder: Canon Rebel EOS T3i

Age: 16

Editor: Final Cut Pro X &/or iMovie ’11
FTC: This video is not sponsored, all opinions stated are honest and my own.


1 extra says:

where I wake up my face is all puffy and oily

mille s says:

have you tried colourpop highlighters? they make becca highlighters look like face powder.

Claudia Prado says:

why does she have one ear pierced and not the other?

Carly W says:

lmao couldn’t you get this look if you used a lot less makeup…

Lalahwa says:

Heyy, I’m new to youtube and would really really appreciate anyone checking out my channel and videos :)) I just posted a makeup vid xx

rimabima says:

if you don’t like her or think she changed simply stop watching her videos it’s not hard why do y’all feel the need to leave so many hate comments????????????????

VC says:


Caroline Sorenson says:

you’re makeup is 10/10! also love the look from your newest blue smiley eye video!

Grace Crawford says:

skip to 3:10 i like the way she stutters

harkirat k says:


dayang norrafida says:

try essence pure nude highlighter. 🙂

Liyyyah says:

Amanda ur so beautiful!

Channel says:

I’m watching on 144p and she looks the same throughout the video lmao

Chocolate Milk Lol says:

I don’t even take makeup advice from Amanda anymore because it’s gotten shit.. 🙁

Lauren Everdeen says:

Idk who tf Amanda Steele is but holy shit her audience makes me want to commit. Shut the fuck up all of you! Life’s too short for this shit. oh my goodness.

Lucy F says:

The background music sounds like Dora music

marydina balabis says:

She is so cool. I like her already 🙂

aylin alakbarli says:

she grow up so fast yall

bea says:

as much as i want to try this i feel like it will be a bit heavy in my face because that’s a lot of makeup u put on haha

FrhIzzah Okay says:

You look like vannesa hudgen with those makeup and hair

GoldenRose123 says:

so many hate comments really what is wrong with you guys. no one is perfect every on of you are not perfect. she has changed big whoop get over it. by the way love your makeup.

Alyssa Tridarmawan says:

I can’t see the glow! and its not that natural

perrires malik says:

You resemble Gigi hadid

vitoria lumy says:

melhor de todas sz

Artistiq Me says:

Yellow face spongebob

Hans Christian says:

“And start contouring.” Bronzer is supposed to bring warmth not giving definition… bye

Katrieal Jem says:

What are the foundations she is using?

Kelly says:

I’m probably way late on watching this video… but after watching this video and scrolling through the comments I couldn’t help but feel so infuriated at everything everyone was talking about. It was honestly hate, after hate, after hate, after hate. I understand that yes, Amanda has changed and that’s normal! Everyone changes as they grow older. But comments of jokes, making fun of her eye bags and people laughing at her because she looks stoned is honestly just so rude and uncalled for. I mean, if Amanda happens to get stoned, even though honestly, I really don’t think she does, it’s none of your business because if that’s what she wants to do then let her do it? And I was especially upset when someone made a comment saying “She gets stoned just like her sister” I mean… What’s that supposed to mean? Why is that a bad thing? and really, how would you feel if someone said that to you about another relative in your family that you really truly love? But yeah… Just putting it out there, please stop with all those nasty comments because it’s not nice, and it’s just plain rude and unnecessary, also for the people saying that this is a crappy makeup tutorial, it’s not. I personally think that everyone has their own unique style of doing makeup and if you don’t like it then go watch someone else who puts on makeup more to your liking. There’s no need to post nasty comments saying “Get better at doing makeup” or “It’s not even DEWY.” If you don’t appreciate what she uploads and how she does what she likes then find someone else you’d like better and don’t waste your time commenting things that will just put other people down. And for those saying that she needs sleep because her eye bags are way too dark or too big, it’s not something she can change. I’ve been subscribed to Amanda for years now and I remember her saying that she’s always had dark circles ever since she was younger, she got them from one of her parents, it’s genetic, so stop making her feel worse about herself. Thank you.

Iina Julia says:

Bitch where is the fuking glow -2017

melissa mejia says:

i love you amanda , and even if some people aren’t happy with who you are now , i really love the new you ’cause that is the real amanda and i love it . you’re gorgeous and no matter what you must do what you like and what makes you feel confident . Saludos desde Colombia

BeautifulNaija says:


yung leah says:

finally someone did it well

yasmin S says:

how old is she
is she under 18 or not ?

1 extra says:


Tess Darrow says:

She looks the same?

Celina Sydlo says:

I love this look!!

dope says:

why does this chick get so much hate?

1 extra says:

her eyes always look red. or is that a natural thing

Mere Nada says:

Idk why ppl don’t like this look, I think it’s perfect.

Lmao says:

The colour she said was “too light” was actually her colour lol

Val says:

Amanda with or without makeup looks cute as fuck <3 I love her

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