How One Plus-Size Model Learned to Love Her Body | Dispelling Beauty Myths | Allure

British plus-size model Felicity Hayward on how she feels about her body shape, and how it’s affected her personal and professional life.

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How One Plus-Size Model Learned to Love Her Body | Dispelling Beauty Myths | Allure

Starring: Felicity Hayward
Director: StyleLikeU
Editor: StyleLikeU


Rupert rozells says:

I like plus size women, cellulite, stretch marks & any other supposedly unwanted flaws. Plus size women are very feminine, hot, sensual & terribly sexy. Plus size women are gorgeous, I don’t like them, I adore them……

Amnestyize says:

what the fuck is wrong with you? she looks like a trash can. shes fat which is very unhealthy and her face isnt even handsome. if this human can become a model everyone can. even my grandma lmao. kill yourself.

Ricardo Montes says:

i love my gurls big just more too love

Pasa says:

Wait.. wtf she’s fucking hot

Madison Smith says:

She’s so pretty and nice ;w;

Brandi Zoe says:

That is so true. I legit have stretch marks on my shoulders and back and my bf really doesn’t care. And I walk around all NAKED

Gloria Bitutu says:

she’s gorgeous

Nana Maja says:

wow these greens on her!!! Beautiful

Hello Patsey says:

Authentic Beauty is treating others with kindness/respect when you had a terrible day.

The kindred Soul says:

She doesn’t even look good doe.

Jennifer Venkat says:

Sorry but she is OBESE and obesity is not healthy and beautiful.

Kandidly Kristen says:

No no sweetie, not stretch marks. Tiger stripes babe!

Lesley Willis says:

I wish I loved my body

Danii C. says:


Strong Feminist says:

I’m 10. I have stretch marks

Ozelia Maria says:

I wanna be a plus size model, how do I become that?

Z OTube says:

sexy like a motherfucker

Game Gamba says:


gussie mehler says:

She’s really pretty and I love her hair color

Franklin Warner says:

Thanks You Are A Beautiful Lady

Green Teaღ says:

she’s so cute!

David Acevedo says:

That jumpsuit is EVERYTHING!


Tell them your a badass

rdv sgn says:

Spread your RESPECT for PLUS SIZE just here >>>>

Rosalina Han says:

I am 110 pounds and a size 4 in dress, and even I have stretch marks near my inner thighs. It’s normal ladies, so don’t feel bad about them loves

paula frade says:

My first stretch mark was when I was in 5th grade and I thought I was bleeding inside of me then I realized they were scars

Hannah Ely says:

She’s so gorgeous!

xHwiyoungx says:

She’s really pretty but like her skin tho

Danicia Lewis says:

Girl you don’t need that petit curve because you already have that plus size curve

sellmav says:

Yes the term plus size of funny bc the actual term is overweight/obese. She shouldn’t hate her body but she looks super unhealthy but I don’t see that any less healthy than anorexic models. They are equally unhealthy and unattractive. I can’t say I want to see either without their clothes on. I hope she’ll become healthier and turn her life around. Best wishes.

Fake News says:


Anne-Cecilia Byrne says:

Ok I want her whole outfit especially her shirt. Does anyone know where to buy the outfit?

musicedward says:

Even her freckles are beautiful!

firmly grasp it says:

The “I dont care what anybody thinks” way of thinking when it comes to healthy body weight is not right. I feel like deep down she cares a LOT! I really believe that this comes from a place of frustration. Lose weght for you, for your health. She might be happy but im sure she would be happier lighter

Ghader Davodi says:

سلام به همه چیز عالی بود ودرسایتهای اینترنتی شما پاسخ داده می‌شود

Alia Koonce says:

thank you❤❤❤

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