HOT BOY TO GIRL TRANSFORMATION : Full Body Boobs! Make Up Tutorial

I’m Matt, I’m a 17 year old gay male who loves makeup and does drag! I’m using a ” cross dress ” Breast Plate to do my transformation (SheIn site)

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Hey Clawesome Viewers , Welcome to my Channel featuring Beauty Transformations, Make Up Product Reviews, and Teen Drag Queen looks of of all kinds :

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Tamara Santos says:


Miss K3lcix says:

What do you use for your intro???? ILYSM

Lennyx Lewis says:

and you kiss plastic boobs ewwwwwwwww

Reaper Lol says:

you r so damn gay

Johanna Thiele says:

Artist! <3

xXthat kidxX says:

One day I too will say I have titties ………One day

Monica Leijssenaar says:

Lovely!!!! Only I think you use tooooo much foundation, but the rest is perfect!

Carla J says:

Does the setting powder even out the golden tone of the foundation and also do you put it in your lips to mute the natural pink of your lips so the lip color you apply shines?

joanne j says:

can u do my make up plz ahahah love u xx

Granny Peaches says:

Boi no offence but da fuq what man buys fake ‘nippy titties’

Lennyx Lewis says:

you know your a boy so stop acting like a girl

Christine Cagalitan says:

oh my god thats a lot make up.

Deetzy Doo says:

Love your vids <3!

Begloved says:

New intro!

afiq bloopers says:


Julianna Sebestyén says:

És mit mondasz a fiúnak akit elcsábítottál, ha rájön hogy nem lány vagy??!

Paula Andrea Bunni says:

2:12 Is the make up green?

Vaporeon Rocks says:

Yes bitch

Andy Thomsan says:

over makeup

IntarwebUser says:

I’m not sure what you mean by you made your own lipstick. You took lipstick you already had and melted it, then let it reform in a little tin. Did you add something to it while it was melted, or did just the process of melting it down and reforming it change it, or what? Also, in what way was this lipstick different than it would have been if you just used it straight from the tube? Different color, different texture, or what?

Kamari Jefferson says:

Your awesome

Joanna says:

You do know that “girl/woman” does not equel wearing makeup, right? I dare you to be a woman without makeup. Challenge accepted?

ulsterman1066 says:

Just love the new books, they give very natural shape

Michael Hotker says:

I love your passion and overall personality xx don’t ever stop being you 🙂

elefront says:

Not sure I could afford to apply my makeup as liberally as you do >_<

ImaLlamaBruh ;3 says:

Omg stunning! Love the dress

flazeduh says:

YES THAT intro!!

TheRPGNic Nic says:

Not saying this to be rude but as a fellow makeup artist, you might want to try a much more pale foundation, and try not to use too much. Other than that your look slayed!

Mima Faith says:

I love your make up videos sooo much

LeagueOfMe says:

dude where u got the boobs?

katsy91 says:

Can you do a review of the breast plate and breast forms?

Edge Lord says:

My pores can feel the foundation. How did you use that much and not make it look bad?Love your videos btw

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