Highlighted & Bronzed – Minimal Makeup Tutorial

This is a great makeup look when you’re going for a more simple and not overdone tutorial. This tutorial definitely heavily relies on highlighting and bronzing to finish out the makeup look.
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Grandma's Secret says:

I would like to get my lips don. What do you recomend. Any good places in NY. Thank you

Arnavi Sutaria says:

The lips look great! When I saw this video, it has made me me love my naturally thick lips more. I haven’t been liking them that much until I saw this video.

Katrina Roman says:

lol ur so funny lol

Noor Radhi says:

1:25-1:45 hahahahha

Karly Brett says:

I absolutely love her! She’s so giggly and cute and funny! This is how makeup should always be. Lighthearted and fun. Don’t take it so seriously! Laugh at yourself, embrace your natural beauty and “flaws”, and keep on slaying ladies!

Louise Coffey says:

wow you talk so quick!!!

Zebo Makeup says:

I know you are not going to read this but your lips look AMZINGGGGGG in Nude lipstick

MissKona2009 says:

stop the lip fillers. u’re naturally beautiful girl.

Susan Young says:

you are hilarious, love all the glow, inside and outside girl

Hayley Jordan Huffman says:

Love the glow in this video!!! Your skin is beautiful! Also, your face at the very end! Yes! Haha! Love you! This so put me in the mood for summer!

phandom forever says:

you cute

Glam By Trina says:

i swear i have watched this tutorial like 20× love ya jaclyn!!!

Sarah Cochran says:

do you have a video using the Chanel Soleil de chanel cream bronzer??? i thought it was your video i had seen in the past using it!

CiCi Nebula says:

@jaclynhill could you do a tutorial about putting lashes on?

Samantha Ra says:

omg JAC i chopped off my baby hairs too!!! It was like 1am and i was just so out of it and something just possessed me to cut my hairs lmao but finally i’m not the only one! it will grow out soon!! ❤️love your makeup, videos, humor, and positivity. never let anyone discourage you

Chandra Allen says:

grrrr none of the products are listed in the description. what lipstick and gloss is that?!

Natalie Luk says:

My go to look for school (except the falsies)! Thanks so much for teaching me, Jaclyn! <3

Veronica Dunn says:

This look is so beautiful!!!

Gracen Hill says:

Omg I love this look

Sophia Mullen says:

To be honest I’m not digging the intense highlighter trend. I like a subtle highlight with a very light hand… like to the affect of when you’ve been outside for a bit and your skin gets a natural sheen. A lot of people seems to love this though, so to each their own I suppose.

k ra says:

omg your skin is flawless

Jessie Ibink says:

I think your lips look really pretty!

Kiz Momma says:

ahhhhh I love watching you with my daughter but now you cuss more. I have to pre-watch
We love you anyway.
And before I get any negative remarks I know I can’t keep her from hearing it all the time. she doesn’t like cussing.
We love watching Jacklyn together.

Arnavi Sutaria says:

I need those earrings! They are so beautiful!

Katie Hartley says:

Could I use Mac Myth lipstick in place of the Haus of Dolls lipstick? Do you think it would look the same?

peggyt1243 says:

Jaclyn: please speak normally. The Ebonics detract from the quality of information.

Anna Straub says:

I like her lip fillers?? Like a lot lol

taylor says:

you kinda look like Kaitlyn Bristowe from the Bachelorette 🙂 Gorgeous girl.

Amy Heisinger says:

Just started following you, there are so many haters on here, WTF? I think your lips look gorg and really fit your face shape! Love this look. Xo

Ilse Rendon says:

@jaclynhill Your videos are so fun to watch. What I like about you is that you are naturally funny. It never looks like you are trying. It’s really what got me hooked to your videos.

Noor Radhi says:

‘yes momma chopped the mof one night when she had half a bottle of wine’ HHAHAHAH

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