‘HARLEY QUINN’ Suicide Squad Makeup Tutorial !!!

Wanted to start my October by doing the most requested video of this year. This might actually be my look for Halloween. The Makeup is so colorful and fun. You really can’t go wrong with it since its suppose to be messy. I changed it a bit and added my own touch. I like it a bit cleaner fresh faced so thats what I went for. I defined the eyes to make it attractive and darkened the lips.( Oh, I realized I put the face tattoos on the wrong side when I was editing ugh)
Since there will be many Harley’s I would recommend putting your own touch it make it unique. And if you aren’t a fan, I will be making many more videos this month so don’t worry. I got you covered !!

Products Used :
Spectrum Siren Brushes
Loreal Visible lift Foundation
It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation
Anastasia Brow Pomade
Colourpop Eyeshadow ‘Erotic’
The Masquarade Palette Juvia’s Place (Blue,Champagne)
Benefit Cosmetics Brow Highlighter
Makeup Geek and ABS Eyeshadow (Burgundy, Dark Blue)
Makeup Geek Gel Liner
Tarte Eyeliner Brush
Top Lash ‘Ebay’
House of Lashes Adhesive
Mac Maleficent Contour
Nyx Red Lip Liner ‘Ruby’
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘American Doll’ Lipstick

Harley Quinn Wig : http://www.halloweenpartyonline.com/
Costume,Spike Bracelet : Ebay
Choker : Hot Topic
Grey Contacts : Solotica.Us

Thanks for Watching


Teal.Spams says:

That brush you used for foundation isn’t holo it’s rainbow chrome.

Elena Caruso says:

Wow!! The your video is very nice!

aryan shrestha says:

You use sooo many make up everyday but your face is soo beautifull and clear no pimples nothing
What’s the secret???¿¿¿¿¿♡♡♡

Viviane Cabral says:

gostei desse vídeo

Saran Loveridge says:

Can you do a makeup turtorial on how to look like Regina the evil queen from once upon a time please!!!!

Cami Slater says:


Leah Mitsakis says:

do you want my ID because I want your ID

Marco Popescu says:

There is a smuge no the lips

Lucretia J. says:

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It assist me to make my make-up perfect, love it! I didn`t know much about make up previously, however i love to watch tutorials and attempt to learn. So i decided to buy this brush set to help me, and it did work well. I like my brush, you guys should try it too. It supply totally free shipping too!

Phil Caeser says:

the only one of those days when you are looking for a couple weeks ago by my side

Maria Del Lourdes Villegas Martinez says:

gkdgddgd HH qklq dulce

Juju Play says:

meu amigo VC tem alguma coisa pra fazer pq eu não estou mais gostando deste vídeo

Larissa Cristina says:


Faby Desconocido says:

do joker

Pandas Cafe says:


Lily Rose says:

it was amazing but you spelled rotten backwards

Cami Slater says:

I love Harley Quinn
She evil and I’m evil

margot roobie says:

my name is harley quinn HAHA

Samim Kashim says:

U did the rotten and the heart on the wrong side..

Hebert Fonseca says:

você fala inglês ou em português

Milada Horvathova says:

can you do trolls

Dafne Nunez says:

you should do katana from suicide squad if you haven’t already

BiancaLobinha says:

*cringe movie*

Rafal Wieczorkiewicz says:

she doesn’t have any idea what harley quinn looks like.

Winnie Ng says:

trying not to cringe

Breea Wilson says:

U kinda look like Angelia jollies

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