Grungey Glamour Make-up Tutorial | Stef Sanjati

Hi #breadsquad! I hope you enjoy this video, it’s been a while since I’ve made a make-up video or anything beauty related, so I felt the need to take a break from my trans related videos and do this. Love you!

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Guylevesque Levesque says:

You are tooooooo pretty!

Pedro Luna says:

Holly Shit, I’m 100% straight but she is so flawless, honestly I don’t found her male part and I like her :/

Mia Marie says:

It’s a whale

nadduki4545 says:

Would LOVE more makeup tutorials if you’re up for it!!!

Weilun Kang says:

OK. In my personal opinion, Stef now holds the record for the most beautiful, most gorgeous TG out there. Bar none ! Clearly putting all those fat ugly overweight american MILFs to shame !!

Martika Trujillo says:

looooove you!

Blue Strickland says:

Your forehead and brows look soooo good ❤️

nina hwth says:

I’m so fucking happy that I found your channel <3

Taylor Nieuwdorp says:

I would love a tutorial for how you do your freckles now!

Lunar Paranoia says:


Makeup Mel says:

So I didn’t even like that stila glitter when I tried it but on you and how you applied it is amazing!! Love this look!

Butterfly Kisses says:

a small toothed whale with a low triangular dorsal fin and a blunt rounded snout.

Kreature says:

I love how your bangs are white!

Lupita Rivas says:

Easily my favorite YouTuber. So charismatic and beautiful inside and out!

Jessica Fox says:

This, you are so awesome! I love watching you and you are an inspiration to us all. I so want to come downtown and have you make me over for a night on the town!

Jenna Marie says:

Your eyes are gorgeous omfg

The crazy train Is coming says:

I thought a porpoise was a type of tortoise… I swear, I’ve heard it’s a dolphin before as well I just don’t acknowledge that apparently. Pleaaase make more makeup tutorials I love your makeup style and personality ❤❤

Iloveyoualldearly says:

You look SOOOOO pretty! I love your makeup like this!

Sarah Abdul Razak says:

Beautiful! I’m kind of scared doing intense smokey eyes because i’m a klutz and I’m gonna mess up, but this is definitely something I will try in future!

Jordan Alexander says:


Hanah McConahay says:

I love her more than anything wow thanks

Emily B says:

I didn’t think it was possible to love you more than I already did.
I have been proven wrong. ilysm Stef

Tattooed Vogue says:

you’re always SO GORGEOUS OMG. And very good at makeup <3

Lila x says:

The way she applies her makeup is SO different from the others omg.

Chanel #3 says:

Porpoises :3c

Adrian Marks says:

You have gorgeous eyes!!!!

Trin Murray says:

Hopefully I can rock my hair that I was cutting while listening to your video…

zeyoncé says:

I want you to do my makeup so much

Destiny Rodriguez says:

you’re so beautiful you make me so happy i love you

Lou says:

You make me so happy <3 Thx Stef for being a great human

Cathy Francia says:

Omg the liner part was so INTENSE! I was holding my breath lol

Ellie Goldberg says:

I’ve been questioning my gender identity for a few months now, and I’ve started to realize that I am a girl. I’ve been thinking it for a while, but sometimes I doubt myself because I don’t relate to all of the same things as other people. I feel like I really am a girl but I’ve never actually worn any typically “female” clothing and I ca’t exactly see myself wearing them. I guess I’m mainly wondering if there are any other trans girls out there who feel the same way, mostly to assure myself that I’m not completely insane.

TODdrummer says:

just f….. AWESOME!

hoe hoe says:

i wanted to try this but im not trans so i cant do this look. fuk my lyf man.

Clumsy Black Kat says:

porpoises are dolphins.

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