Glam skull makeup tutorial

Glam it up for a fashionable low key look for that costume party or Halloween.

In this episode we steer clear of blood ad messy latex and instead focus on a more simple approach to a nice and effectful makeup. This is perfect if you want to look smashing and hot while still getting the Halloween-vibe on. Mix it up with your own colour schemes or stick with the warm tones we used. Go for black and white if you want a classic skeleton look.

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shadow midnight says:

Can you guys do another Pokemon horror one like snoralx. Me and my boyfriend what to do something for Halloween but we’re big into Pokemon. Since my favorite Pokemon is Pikachu and you guys already did it, it would be really cool if you could do his favorite Pokemon which is snoralx.

megan carpenter says:

you guys should do a makeup tutorial of a wendigo or the hellhound from the tv show teen wolf

Emelie Bergström says:

skulle vara kul om ni kunde visa dom gånger ni använder en referensbild, så vi ser vad ni försöker efterlikna eller får inspiration från 🙂

mxxnchxld says:

Can you do something from Alice Madness Returns? (Hysteria Alice or the insane children would be sooo nice)

Maisie Hall says:

What was the pallet she used? It looks gorgeous?

Danielle Ruth says:

I’d like to see another scary version of an Alice in wonderland character!

Sh1n0 H1g1tsun3 says:

I think you must try to do the classical and very creepy Huge Mouth Demon Dude as we can see in the movie Grave Enconunters , something like that surely could be sooo frickingly cool; if you do that, ill be making that make up this halloween forma sure!!!

Cool nerdy girl says:

I have been watching for a long time I think you are great!!! I love your videos so much!
Also your channel gives me great ideas for Halloween!
thanks so much and keep makeing awesome videos!!!!!

Edit: awesome skull

Zack Laymon says:

I would be sooooo grateful if you did a tutorial showing how to block out eyebrows

Krystle S says:

This Halloween I want to be Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy 🙂

Camryn Eridani says:

I would love an optical illusion type hallows eve costume where at first glance it looks a lot nicer and innocent than it actually is

npu3pak says:

Awesome as always 😉
Song from the beginig pls


can u make a dead girl makeup tutorial plz

Lilli Rodgers says:

You guys should do a steampunk look.


I want my holloween costume to be something with no eyes or mouth!!! You guys should do something like that

lily Barr says:

Awesome as always.

Mr.BlueBeast says:

Wow… the lip fillers.

Kirsten Molkenboer says:

PLEAAASEE do a glam version of a vampire including fangs! Last year i wanted to be a vampire for halloween but didn’t know how to do my face… So this year i can try again!

Jiho Lee says:

Ellie looks so different with the dark lenses and the wig^^”

Lexi Santa Cruz says:

Guys I love your channel because I think that it’s different than other ones (talking about halloween and professional makeup) I watched from Mexico and I think that you need more spectators of those who have and to be recognized more make a great effort, their makeup are always so perfect and with enough material. Regards I hope u see my comment about this. XOXO

TheHali0617 says:

Who’s already ready for Halloween?

lilacalosa says:

you should make a jotun frost giant makeup look, so much much blue, so much detail you could go bananas on and a nod to the super hero lovers

Ava Minecraft says:

Please do something corpse bride and/or nightmare before Christmas themed please please I love you guys sooo much you have so much talent

HYEOL says:

cant live without the pink lips xD

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