Full Makeup Tutorial | Sara Hopkins

FINALLY!!!! I attempted a serious makeup tutorial and this is what happened… so. Products listed below!

It’s been 2 freakin years man… all new products and techniques.
ALSO wanted to apologize for filming this before I got my brows waxed… they could have been more fleeky… I got too excited.


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-Smashbox Photo Finish Primer
-Naked beauty balm

-Maybelline instant age rewind (light & Brightening)
-Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation (medium honey)
-IT cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye
-Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector (liquid, Opal)
-Bobbi Brown Foundation stick (almond)
-Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

-Kevin Aucoin The Sculpting Powder (medium)
-Smashbox highlight stick
-Smashbox Photo Finish eyelid primer
-Lancome Audacity Palate
-Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (blonde)
-Mally Efortless Airbrush
-Becca shimmering skin perfector (pressed, Moonstone)
-Smashbox Contour Palate (Bronze)
-Smashbox Self Sharpening eyeliner (french Navy)
-Stila Stay all day Waterproof Eyeliner

-Lorel Double Extend Mascara
-Velour Mink Lashes in Wingwoman (NOT the kind they sell at Ulta/Sephora, those aren’t the good ones. I bought these at Ricky’s NYC)

-Palladio lip liner (rose)
-Tarte Tartist liner (thirsty)
-Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip (Mon Cheri)

-Urban Decay Chill Setting Spray


Danielle Haley says:

I love how honest she is

Chemcane says:

I know it’s her light but the ring in her eyes maker her look like an android

Brenna Moss says:

where did you buy all them cool lashes!

Maria Siboni says:

Are you the new jim Carrey in the becoming ?? no offence!! I DO NOT mean physically you know what I mean, right?

Sarah Kate says:

You should do a skincare routine video! Your complexion is flawless

music4eva10 says:

So I’m watching this for the 2nd time and GIRL! I had the same thing happen to me when I hit my 20s with my skin. Perfect in high school and the. BAM. eff you skin

Shivanna S says:

What was the name of the lipstick?

Kayla Milliner says:

Is there a scar above/near your eye?

Bailey Millsap says:

Sara you are so beautiful please make more videos so pretty

Stephanie G says:

You should do a normal everyday makeup pleeeaaassee

Cooper Hedden says:

Beautiful view of Atlanta from your place

Sarah Plays With Makeup says:

Lol, you’re adorable! Love the tutorial!

Victoria Charles says:

To be honest you have the best complexion makeup could never give you you are beautiful!!!


if I have to wait another two years to see another badass makeup tutorial my makeup game is and be f***** off so be sure you do some more get ready with me as many as you possibly can do and for as much as you f***** around in this video your makeup really came out really nice and on point

Angela Bradley says:

I just found your channel and I cackled like a crazy woman most of the way through this video! You are hilarious! Have, HAVE to show this to my daughter! You remind me of her in (a few) years! Thanks for the vid!

abskadab says:

Could you do an “every day” makeup tutorial??

sean yboa says:

your soo cuttee

Meerschaulk says:

I never knew how people got those light rings in their eyes while filming (because I’m totally olivious to the process of making up) and was flashed when that thing fell off the table.


Also, that’s you without make-up? Even as a man, I don’t believe you. Women *always* have a little on, if there are people around/devices recording. ^^

chelsea freeman says:

Girl…same! Once I hit my 20s, THEN my skin was like “oh, just kidding heres ya some pimples.” I’m 26 and still dealing with breakouts…it’s ridiculous!


now you know you could have hit that Little Mermaid song If you didn’t start laughing you got vocals now I’m going to be thinking about it all day because you didn’t finish plus I don’t think you’ve ever brushes in the frisbee that’s awesome. when you pretended like you were going to leave with that powder on for the dog looked was hilarious I watched it three times

Bailey Millsap says:

Chico is the cutest

Lisa Murillo says:

wait you never said what the lipstick is though you just talk about it!!

Kasey Shirer says:


Amanda Wynn says:

That view is ridiculous like I can’t get over how amazing it is.

Sarah Lorr says:

It was so funny I was just noticing how late it was getting in your vid and then you were like “Yeah I know you guys are watching the sunset cuz I take so long”… jeez Sara you’re a psychic

Garrett Womble says:

I’m a guy…why am I watching this? I guess I just love Sarah’s channel.

Ashton Tomlin says:

Do you still do vine Sara?

Micheal Gray says:

she looks good with or without makeup

Laura Reynolds says:

Saraaaa you’re too gorgeous and too funny!! Do you have any contour tips/brand recs for those of us who are extremely pale?? Like I’m talking the ghostin souls of the world.

thehauntedkitkat says:

I love her because she’s a mix of comedy and makeup

puappo says:

the reflection of the circular light off your eyes, looks like you’re about to shoot lasers from them! pewpew

Sherree Rivera says:

You are so funny and gorgeous, you make my day. Please make more videos!

Akari Prior says:

Sara! I literally only stumbled across your channel today and I love it so greetings from Australia. Oh and Subscribed!

Xbrakernods 0909 says:

youre eyes….they are so beautiful that they kind of scared me in this vid XD

Emilee The Panda says:

I’m dying I love the little mermaid I named my dog Ariel I’m wierd to the max now lol

Lyndsey Newman says:

Girl you baked your face.

Lisa Murillo says:

the circular light thingy reflects perfectly as a pupil in your eye… bizarrely beautiful actually…

Mink Lenzing says:

Im a boy why am i watching this

Megan Byrnes says:

I have literally watched this video 8 times because I love sara so much.. and because I’m obsessed haha

finch event body0014 says:

Sara, i love you!

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