Sooooo… this happened! I thought this idea was so cool and wanted to do it with one of my favs mannymua. I’ve been watching Manny’s videos for yearrrs so this should be easy af right?!

Thomas’ Video –

Manny’s Easy AF Summer Video –

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Melanie Lemon says:

I am I the only one who thinks Manny sounds so innocent and young… hahah. Like always , Love your videos Jack! <3

dakotah novak says:

Loved this look ❤️

Brittany Caron says:

I think this is the first foundation I’ve ever seen on you that is a little too light
/ The first foundation I’ve ever seen that doesn’t oxidize lol

Jay Bee says:

You and Gabby did the exact same idea video and posted it 4 hours ago….so at the same time….crazy lol

Sabrina S. says:

I’m extremely dry (like Sahara Desert dry). I don’t set my face EVER. Just a bit under the eyes to set the concealer. I bronze, contour, blush, & highlight on top of wet foundation. It’s very luminous. Then the setting spray makes it even better.

Haylo Hayley says:

Highly recommend trying the Stila heavens hue its beautiful

themakeupmoron says:

This was such a cool video! I was thinking of doing something similar with my dream st stuff when it comes in and following Jaclyn tutorials and mannys.

Also, I love that you paid homage to Manny with “please don’t fucking watch it!”

everything rose says:

why didnt you credit thoas halbert,

Iris Haggai says:

AMAZING!!!! Loved this. Do whoever, I just love watching your reaction to things. Fave YouTuber hands down!

Muge Oskay says:

You are hilarious

Erykah Dreme says:

i’m 1 minute in and im disapointed u didnt start this off with the iconic giggle

Jessica Wright says:

Love!!! Do one of Thomas’s next or Michael!

GinaMarie Dimatos says:

Your facial expressions kill me! You’re so fun to watch.

Tabatha Sammons says:

do it

Derp Face says:

Please follow nikkitutorials! That’d be an interesting challenge

crayoff says:

Omgosh you look so good! This is great. I want to try tomorrow!

LaceyAlexa hamsters&cats says:

This was fun to see how you guys have different techniques! <3

Lisa Zamudio says:

Brb going out and getting that Lipstick like right now

Brizzy Gaming says:

New sub ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Melanie Pickens says:

Jack–I have been a subscriber for a little over a month now and I have to say that I absolutely LOVE all of your videos. You create quality tutorials/reviews that are informative and entertaining to watch. I literally get so excited when I see that you’ve uploaded a new video! I think you are super genuine and don’t allow negativity to get to you and that is SO inspirational to me. You’re amazing <3

Vera Nika says:

Loved it. new sub

Vera Nika says:

I could never recreate tutorials…. i have none of these fancy products lol

Sara Phillips says:

more videos like this please!

desi_ princess says:

The eyebrow raise after he said “SO PIGMENTED” omg hahaha

Maxie Naclerio says:

Great video! Please stop by my channel for makeup videos and giveaways!

miamee45 says:

hi can i just say ur eyebrows are some of the best ive seen and thank u for blessing us with them


Manny MUA wore army pants and flip flops, so i got army pants and flip flops

Michael wants another slice of PIZZA says:


M says:

The mustache is distracting

meika hadden says:

Why r beauty gurus so lazy they’ll say shit like I can’t find this pretty important item like fuck off bud

Annie Atkinson says:

Omg you eyes look so blue with that eye look ❤️❤️❤️

Samantha Crum says:

You’re so beautiful!

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