Five Minute Makeup Tutorial For Moms • Wine Mom

Forget the winged eyeliner. There’s no time.

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Ray Nall says:

Just figured out my new makeup look lol

Laura Teran says:

this is sad. this actually shows all mom’s true colors.

ScrubNation says:

Am I, like, the only one who enjoyed this video?!

Jeez comment section!!

Mareena Pare says:


Mrsalma says:

HEY WINE MOM how do you know if you should take a pregnancy test?
Cause period symptoms and pregnancy symptoms are so alike AND some people (not saying me heheheheheahahaomg) have period symptoms for a week straight but no period and yeah help

Lauren Walker says:

omg with that under eye makeup you look like Violet from The Incredibles

G_Love001 Lovelock says:

R u okay… do we all need to b concerned?

love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hellen says:

I dont know why but this pisses me off

Ostrich 47 says:

You misspelled MILF

Shellbug-Michelle Greene says:

I guess my beauty secret got out, didn’t it?

King George III says:

A buzzfeed ad, on a buzzfeed video. Weird

EmilyPlusThree says:

lol literally for the last year all I wear is concealer, blush, eye liner and mascara. If I bother to put on makeup. ha

Taylor says:

What lipstick is that? It’s so nice.

terri palakie says:

Where’s Hannah?

Hayley Brøwn says:

yep this is definitely me every morning

Shelby Smith says:

Thought it was serious until she said blend the mascara into the dark circles xD should’ve known better lol

Brianna Holmes says:

I wish she had her own channel, I love her!

Ting Sang Luyo says:

Hannah I almost started applying something at the same time I started de video hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Matthew Toase says:

I thought this was serious

Anna Peterson says:

Please please make more wine mom videos!!!!

Eva Smith says:

I didn’t realise this was a troll until after she put it in her hair….

Nerflover10097 says:

I know she’s trying to be like one of us, but damn, she’s got a massive ego.

Jamie Miller says:

Anyone else get the Jenna Marbles vibe? No? just me then

Roni Clark says:

your the best!!! I’m dying!!!

Rainbow Fox72 says:

Hhahahahaha this is hilarious.

Kiana Webb says:

Castile soap in the background! I love that stuff.

Noellie Kouedan says:

This is off topic but I think that she would look good with cut hair like TheGabbieShow’s hair

Kayla Evans says:

What mascara did she use?

genesik says:

No no stop drinking i really hope it’s fake wine and it’s something about alcoholism awareness thing

Holy Bitch says:

1:23 The time I realize she was joking….

sarahy hernandez says:

idk i have twins who are 2 and i could still find time to do my makeup fairly well

Diogo Lima says:

I Wonder how it is to have sex after kids.

RandomnessBy M&F says:


Mahima Sharma says:

me : taking out my makeup kit , placing my mirror ..
after watching

absentmindedprof says:

Wine Moms make the world a better place for everyone!

Bri .Netzel66 says:

instead of blush just smash some jam or baby food on your face for some nice added color LOL

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